How long does clone army customs take to ship to USA?

How long does clone army customs take to ship to USA?

Shipping times vary by country. International packages are currently taking 7 - 12 weeks for delivery. During transit your package may not travel for 1 - 3 weeks.

Who is the owner of clone army customs?

Tyler Page -

How much did the clone army cost?

For ages 0-18 the cost is $233,610. Broken into years the cost per year is $19,468. (For simplicity and relevancy sake we will price the clone army in USD.

Was the clone army paid?

No, they just get paid for. The Clone troopers are slave soldiers. The series never really wants to go into this, but it's pretty hard to ignore. But then it's also hardly the first time that the series elected to simply ignore the unpleasant implications of the almost universal acceptance of slavery in the franchise.

How do you make custom Lego Star Wars characters?

How do you make Lego ARC troopers?

Is Clone Army Customs legit?

Clone Army Customs is a business with excellent products! You can get almost any custom Lego clone trooper you can think of. The quality is top-notch, and the detail is even greater than Lego. I've ordered a dozen times from them, and have never been disappointed.

How do you make a custom clone trooper in Lego Star Wars?

How do you make a LEGO clone army?

How do you make a small Lego base for clones?

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