How long will chicken wire last? –

If you don’t have a corrosive environment, galvanized wire should last a long time in the ground.When I re-landed our back yard five years ago, I removed some old double loop galvanized fencing and the portions that were buried were very much intact.

Will chicken wire keep out animals?Make sure your wire mesh is securely attached because the raccoons will try to pry it off or bend it so that they can squeeze through.Chicken wire isn’t a barrier to predators.It can be torn apart like tissue paper by animals.

Chicken wire coated in plastic is usually rust and corrode resistant.

Even the most obsessive digger will be deterred by buried chicken wire.Digging is a dangerous behavior and may be a natural one.Chicken wire and grease will stop your dog from digging in his tracks.There is a trench along the bottom of the fence.