How many days should I spend in Montreal Canada for a first time trip

How many days should I spend in Montreal Canada for a first time trip

As a former Montrealer, I often recommend to my American friends that they should take a vacation to Montreal – but also include Quebec City.2-3 days in Montreal and 2-3 days in Quebec City will give you a great experience.I strongly recommend time in the Laurentian region, just northwest of Montreal – less than an hour away).

Last summer, I took my family on an 8 day trip and we did Montreal for 3 nights, Quebec City for 2 days/1 night – the Laurentians for 3 nights, and a final day and one night in Ottawa, before heading back to the Montreal airport.May through September is the best time to visit – and try to avoid December – February – it’s really, really cold (and snowy) and often quite gray.

As an Ex-Montrealer, I would say minimum 2 weeks.There are so many places , ie:shopping centers, theaters, restaurants etc., etc., to visit or see via the Metro System(Public Transit), the closed restaurant promenades on Prince Arthur and Diluth Streets, the Closed in shopping plazas on McGill, Peel, and Guy streets downtown, the Uptown areas around Jean Talon and of course back downtown at Central Station/Place Ville Marie.The list goes on, so if you can go at the beginning of any Month, purchase a 1 Month Transit pass, and go for it !

A week for sure.Depends on how much money you have.Very easy place to just sit in cafe’s and go to restaurants and clubs at night, wander the city in daytime, and all the historical, art, shopping… etc.

Far more interesting and varied than Toronto.