How much does an SLRV cost?

How much does an SLRV cost?

SLRV sells the Commander 4x4 for a starting price of roughly $435,000, and also offers a huge eight-wheel RV with a second floor.4 jun 2020

How much does a commander 8x8 cost?

The $900,000 SLRV Commander 8x8 Is an Overlanding Townhouse on Wheels.19 feb 2020

Can motorhomes go off road?

Yes, you can even find a rugged off-road RV. Modern technology and innovative design have made taking your RV off the grid possible. ... Even some luxury RVs are now equipped to go where few or none have gone before.30 oct 2020

What's the most expensive RV in the world?

EleMMent Palazzo Superior

How much does the most expensive RV in the world cost?

The EleMMent Palazzo Superior from Marchi Mobile is the most expensive RV in the world, costing nearly $3 million. The massive motor home is 45 feet long, and features a king-size bed, rainfall shower, and expandable roof deck.24 jul 2017

What's the most expensive motorhome you can buy?

The top-of-the-line $3 million EleMMent Palazzo For $3 million, you can own the most expensive luxury motorhome in the world. The 40-foot-long, double-decker EleMMent Palazzo was designed by the Austria-based company Marchi Mobile.16 ago 2014

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