How much does it cost to join USPA?

How much does it cost to join USPA?

New Annual Membership $78 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Renewing Annual Membership $66 Lifetime Membership $2,500 Foreign Lifetime Membership $4,000 Temporary 3 month Introductory Membership (Can only be purchased online.) $30

Do you need a USPA membership to skydive?

Require temporary or regular individual USPA membership of: 1. all U.S. skydivers cleared for self-supervision 2. non-resident foreign nationals who do not have proof of membership in their national aeroclub. Include USPA and manufacturers, distributors and dealers of skydive equip.10 Sept 2019

What is USPA membership?

Membership in USPA provides education that keeps you safe, benefits that keep you secure and services to keep you satisfied. USPA promotes unity within the skydiving community and represents the interests of skydivers at local, state and federal levels of government.

What is a USPA a license?

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is tasked with promoting safety in skydiving and setting the training and licensing standards for skydivers in the USA. Once an “A” license is obtained, skydivers can continue to advance in the sport by earning more advanced skydiving licenses and ratings.

How long is USPA membership good for?

Lifetime: $2,500 A Lifetime Member shall not be required to pay annual dues after being accepted as a Lifetime Member. A Lifetime Member shall be required each year to sign and abide by the USPA Member Terms and Conditions as they may be amended by the Association from time to time.

How do I become a member of USPA?

- 1Membership Application. > - $ 70.00. Total. - Record Created / MM / DD YYYY. - Account Type * Membership - Adult. - USPA Certification Location * Enter the location where the USPA Cert Course was held. - USPA Coach Renewal Note. - USPA Certification Date * / MM / DD YYYY. - USPA Certification Shirt Size *

How many members does USPA have?

37,000 USPA members

How do you become a member of the United States Parachute Association?

About Membership Join online as an Individual Member, or renew online. You can also download an application. Contact USPA to join or renew as a Group Member.

What is a person who parachutes called?

Definition of parachutist : one that parachutes: such as. a : paratrooper. b : a person who parachutes as a sport.9 Dec 2021

Can you sue a parachute company?

If they are taken up on a flight with no intention of jumping or harmed by the activities of the skydiving company while on facility grounds, you may have reason to file a lawsuit even if a court-approved guardian has signed a waiver.

How much does it cost to get USPA certified?

The United States Parachute Association ( has some very in-depth information on the A-License Process. You should expect to spend $2800 to $3800 on your A-License. Your A-License makes you a licensed skydiver. Before achieving your A-License you are considered a student.

What is USPA certification?

Advanced Skydiving Certification Courses. Skydive Taft offers two courses to certify experienced skydivers. A USPA Coach Rating certifies coaches to teach the general sections of the first-jump course, training and supervising students for group skydiving skills.

How much does it cost to become a certified skydiver?

In order to solo skydive, you'll need to get a formal license, specifically the “A” license from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Pursuing a solo skydiving license takes time, effort, and money. Generally, you can expect to spend more than $3,000 to get your first-level, “A” skydiving license.

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