How much ham do you require per person?

You can use this calculation to find out how much ham you need.

Your to-do list is likely long and growing if you are hosting a holiday lunch or dinner.You need to boil the eggs, bake the rolls, and make the Easter cake.You should decorate the Easter eggs and assign hiding duties.There are stockings to hang, white cakes to bake, and you have to prepare cookies for Santa.

The size of ham you need to buy for the holiday meal is one thing that won't skip your mind but could get lost in the shuffle.

The last thing you want to do is run out of spiral ham is for it to be Easter and Christmas.If you get a ham that is too big, you will be left trying every leftover ham recipe in the book so none of it goes to waste.

If you want to avoid the grocery store guessing out of the ham size you need, calculate your crowd's likely consumption.

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