How much will I get from the Wells Fargo CPI settlement?

How much will I get from the Wells Fargo CPI settlement?

$393.5 million

Will I get money back from Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo agreed Friday to pay $1 billion in penalties after the bank was fined by two federal regulators — the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. If you have had an auto or home loan at the bank, you could get money back for any wrongfully charged fees.Apr 20, 2018

Will I get a Wells Fargo remediation check?

Wells Fargo has worked to identify and provide remediation to all customers who may have been affected. Eligible customers will receive this remediation automatically and are not required to take any action.

How do I find out if Wells Fargo owes me money?

The bank has promised to reach out to affected account owners, but you can start by calling Wells Fargo's dedicated hotline: 877-924-8697. Contact the bank if you believe an unauthorized account or service was opened in your name, regardless of when the issue occurred.Sep 5, 2017

Is the Wells Fargo settlement check taxable?

Generally, if these settlements are from overcharged interest, on nondeductible interest payments such as credit card debt or auto loans it is not a taxable event and does not need to be reported. ... You must include the lump-sum portion of the settlement and report it on your taxes.Jun 4, 2019