How often do spark plug wires need to be changed?

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It takes spark plugs to ignite atomized fuel in an engine’s cylinders.They need a constant supply of electricity.This is the job of the spark plug wires.The wires wear out over time.The electrical charge sent to the spark plugs can be unreliable, which can cause problems with engine operation, including rough idling, stalls, and other issues.

There is no single rule for all vehicles.Many newer models do not have wires.The coil on the plug can last a long time.Modern spark plug wires can last longer than they used to.

Most of the time, your wires should last at least 30,000 miles.There are other factors that can affect the timing.

It is possible for spark plug wires to be damaged.You will need to replace your wires if the insulation is compromised or there is an internal break.

High performance doesn’t always mean a long lifespan, and some spark plug wires need to be replaced every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Increasing resistance is the best way to tell if your spark plug wires need to be replaced.You will need to know what the wires’ original resistance was before you can do this.When testing each wire, look for resistance levels higher than originally installed, as well as higher resistance in individual wires, which indicates a failed wire.

If you follow your mechanic’s advice, you can replace your spark plug wires.Modern cars do not need a regular tune-up service, but they do need regular maintenance and plug wires fail eventually.

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