How often should I service my Rado watch?

How can I tell if my Rado watch is real or fake?

Check for gold plating on the back of the watch. Authentic Rado watches do not contain any gold plating. (There are some gold plated ones out there that are real; it's the back of the watch that is the potential fake issue). Tip #4 is that authentic Rado watches do not contain any gold plating.Dec 12, 2013

Is Rado worth buying?

For true watch aficionados, Rado is a recognized and respected brand. ... The brand has become known for its style and efficiency in design. If you are thinking about becoming more familiar with the luxury watch game, Rado is a brand that you definitely want to keep on your radar.

Are Rado watches considered luxury?

As you can see, Rado is simply a luxury watch manufacturer; they are a company that loves to push the bar and raise the standard when it comes to innovation.

What is the original price of Rado watch?

Model Price (approximate) Size ------------------------------------------------ ------------------- ------ Rado Golden Horse 1957 Limited Edition Automatic $1,699 USD 37mm Rado Hyperchrome Automatic $1,369 USD 30.6mm Rado True Thinline Quartz $2,389 USD 39mm Rado True Automatic $1,499 USD 40mm

What is special about Rado watches?

The Watches are Relatively Rare Unlike mass manufacturers, the Fado is produced in a limited quantity each year, making their watches significantly rare. You don't see a Rado watch every day. They only manufacture 500,000 watches per year — including all o their unique designs.

What is considered a luxury watch?

There is no official definition for what is considered a luxury watch. In general, manually manufactured watches of extraordinarily high quality and with a premium price are classified as luxury watches. ... Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches are not powered by a battery.

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