How often should I use Isle of Paradise Tanning drops?

How often should I use Isle of Paradise Tanning drops?

I apply tanning drops on my face about 3 times per week to maintain and even, healthy glow. When you first start, you might want to apply them for 2 days consecutively to achieve the color you want. And then spread out your application to every other day or more.

Do you wash off Isle of Paradise Tanning drops?

So the first thing I learned was to make sure you "wash down" after you let it sit for awhile or overnight. It's the same with the face drops, you don't want to use soap or scrub your body. Just let the water rinse over your body & use your hands to kinda just wipe down your body.7 Apr 2021

How long do Isle of Paradise drops last?

How long do the products last? All our products last one year opened or two years unopened.

How long does Isle of Paradise Tanning drops last?

All our tanning products are developed to last up to one week and to fade like your natural suntan would. For best results, we would suggest exfoliating prior to application and reapplying your preferred product every few days while keeping your skin super hydrated this will help keep you glowing for longer.

How long does it take for Isle of Paradise tan drops to work?

four to six hours

Do you use isle of paradise everyday?

TIP 1: DON'T LIMIT YOUR GLOW And they're super adaptable, so you can use them on your face or body- morning or night. Pretty amazing, right?

How many drops of Isle of Paradise do you use?

The instructions recommend two to 12 drops, which seemed too vast at first, but it gave me a lot of room to customize my tan. The color-correcting self-tan drops are meant to mix with your moisturizer to help you get a custom glow.20 May 2021

How do you drop medium with Isle of Paradise?

- Add 1-12 drops to your favourite moisturiser, mix together & apply to skin. More drops = deeper tan. - Wash hands after application.

What color Isle of Paradise drops should I get?

What colour suits me? We would recommend choosing the shade that best describes your current skin-tone, not the tone you want to achieve. If you have fair or have a slightly discolored uneven skin tone, use the peach drops, formulated with OXY-glow, which will give you a day out in the sun, light sun-kissed tan.

How long does Isle of Paradise drops take to show up?

4-6 hours