How often should you calibrate a food Thermometer?

Thermometers are used in food service.They need to cook, cool, and hold food.Food that is not safe to eat can be sold or served if the temperature is even five degrees off.

If you calibrate your thermometer often, you can only rely on it.Depending on the type of thermometer.

If you want to calibrate a thermometer, you have to test it in a substance with a known temperature.The temperature will be adjusted to match it.

The boiling point and freezing point methods are used in food service.

You may want to use the boiling point method when calibrating your thermometer if you use it a lot with hot foods.Water will boil at different altitudes.You need to know the boiling point of water in your area to use this method.It can be between 190 and 212F.

You can heat a pot of water if you know the boiling point.It is a good idea to put a thermometer into the water when it is boiling.Don't touch the pot with the temperature, but make sure the entire sensing area is submerged.Wait for the temperature to go down.If the temperature reading doesn't match the boiling point, take it out of the water.

The procedure for calibrating the thermometer can be dangerous.Don't put yourself in harms way when you're calibrating a thermometer.The Food Safety and Inspection Service suggests putting the thermometer in the stem sheath.To lower the thermometer into the water, hold the sheath horizontally.

The ice point method might be the easiest way to calibrate your thermometer.You can use this method to take the temperature of cold foods.

If you want to start, fill a glass with ice water.The temperature settles at 32F (0C) if the water sits for a couple minutes.Put your thermometer in the water.The cup should not be touched by the thermometer.You should keep the temperature in the cup as you adjust it.

The method is less dangerous than the boiling point method, but you should still clip the thermometer to its stem sheath.As you lower the thermometer into the water, hold the sheath horizontally to keep it in position.

The temperature should be within 2F.If you notice a bigger gap, you need to adjust it.

You should replace an inaccurate thermometer if you can't calibrate it.Incorrect thermometers may result in inspection violations for your business.

The best way to learn how to calibrate your thermometer is to consult the instructions that came with it.General instructions for calibrating three common thermometer types are below.

There is a calibration nut beneath the display dial.You may need a tool to turn the nut.

Look for the reset button if you want to calibrate a digital thermometer.You may not be able to calibrate the thermometer if it doesn't have a reset button.Check the instructions that came with the product.