How often should you condition your iron rangers?

How often should you condition your iron rangers?

We recommend to treat your boots 4-5 times (it depends on usage of your boots and weather conditions) a year, especially in winter months.

How do you maintain iron rangers?

Does mink oil darken leather?

Mink oil will darken your leather, but it may take away the natural shine of your boots and dull the shine of leather, giving it a matte appearance. If that's fine with you, it's super effective at conditioning and waterproofing.

Can you get Iron Rangers wet?

The Red Wing Iron Ranger is a 6 inch premium boot constructed from Amber Harness Leather, a purpose built, oil tanned leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning company. The leather is waterproof, stain proof, and perspiration resistant, all without sacrificing an extremely natural look.

Are Red Wing Iron Rangers true to size?

When it comes to sizing, specifically with the Iron Ranger, we recommend you go down a half size to a full size depending on your foot. There is a thin layer of cork in the construction that will adhere nicely to the shape of your toes, arch, the ball of the foot, etc. It will only get more comfortable in time.

Do Redwings run wide?

Are Iron Rangers wide?

(Yep, that's the shoe-sizing ruler-looking thing.) The Iron Ranger is available in two different widths: D for medium width and EE for wider guys. That's not a great selection, since there are six potential widths, but D and EE is still a decent selection.

Do Iron Rangers become comfortable?

And the first two weeks have been rough. But they're starting to become comfortable. As the leather breaks in, and as my feet start to sink into the sole, my Iron Rangers are starting to feel like they were custom-made just for me.

How tall are Red Wing boots?


How tall is the Iron Ranger heel?

Heel Height: 1 in. Weight: 1 lb 5 oz. Shaft: 5 1⁄4 in.

Do Iron Rangers run big?

In most cases, Red Wing Iron Ranger boots fit a half-size larger compared to regular sneaker size. That means if you're usually a size 11 in sneakers, choose a size 10.5 in Red Wing Iron Ranger. For those who have a more narrow foot, a full size smaller would be best, as Red Wings are notoriously roomy in the toes.

How much do Red Wing Iron Rangers weigh?

1 lb 6 oz

What kind of leather are Iron Rangers?

The Iron Ranger is made with thick full-grain oil-tanned leather made in-house in Red Wing, Minnesota. I love the durable 7mm Vibram mini lug sole. A gusseted tongue helps keep the exposed rivets from tearing up your ankles. Overall, the construction and craftsmanship are second to none.

How long do Iron Rangers take to break in?

There are conflicting reports as to just how quickly these boots break in or even if they need to be broken in and all, but I needed about four wears over ten days to feel comfortable in these, about 30 hours.

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