How often should you treat your house for termites?

How often should you treat your house for termites?

roughly every five years

How long does fumigation keep termites away?

The answer is 24-72 hours. In fact, this is an in-depth guide that provides you a 12-point checklist of dos and don'ts that you must follow before termite tenting. And the best part? You'll get to know the strategies that will keep you, your children, family, and pets safe during the entire fumigation process.

Can termites come back after fumigation?

Even after fumigation, termites can still find a way into your home again, if a barrier is not created to discourage re-entry. In addition, termite protection is an ongoing process because continued maintenance and treatments might be required to keep these pests out of your property.

How long do termites live after treatment?

When applied by a professional, termites typically start dying off within a day or two. However, due to the severity of the infestation, it can take a little longer for the treatment to reach the queen and fully kill the colony.Aug 27, 2017

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