How old is absynth?

How old is absynth?

Following its humble origins as a Mac‑only release by software developers Rhizomatic in 2000, Absynth quickly joined the ranks of Native Instruments products and gained a PC version, while its semi‑modular design, wave‑shaping, granular synthesis and 68‑point envelopes also gained it a huge number of enthusiastic users

What is Native Instruments Absynth 5?

ABSYNTH 5 is a synthesizer with exceptional sonic potential. Its specialty is unusual, evolving sounds created using a powerful, hybrid synthesis architecture and sophisticated modulation and effects. ABSYNTH 5 is also a powerful effect plug-in for treating audio using its unique effects bank.

Is Kontakt a synthesizer?

Kontakt Synth Bundle combines 2 high-quality synth libraries for Kontakt and includes Rhymes with Rogue — Leads, and Analog Duality.

Is Absynth worth it?

It is still a very worthwhile synth. It is cumbersome to program and I don't actually reach for it that often because of that. But every time I open it back up I seem to fall in love with it again. Its quirks and limitations actually offer it quite a distinct sound, there's still nothing quite like Absynth.

What is absynth used for?

ABSYNTH is a wonderfully organic software synthesizer for Macintosh and Windows computers. It is a semi-modular synthesizer with the ability to layer multiple synthesis techniques for really unique textures, pads, tones, soundscapes, rhythmic effects and other synth sounds ranging from analog to digital.

Is Absynth 5 any good?

Absynth 5 features the rather intelligent and very useful Sound Mutation section with Fine Tuning and History features, which finally makes it easy for the newcomer to create unique sounds. From tuneful tonal clusters to total chaos, I soon generated plenty of sounds that I'd never heard before.

What is Absynth good for?

For those who do, Absynth must be a wonderful tool. It's what they used for all the SFX sound design in The Matrix. I use it for ambient, reverby, ever-evolving, tempo-synced pads and granular/metallic/percussive effects (very long notes or very short notes).

What kind of synth is absynth?

semi-modular synthesizer

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