How Old Is Billy Ocean and where does he live?

How Old Is Billy Ocean and where does he live?

The Trinidadian-English singer was born on - making him 70-years-old. He was born in Trinidad and Tobago but moved to Romford in London with his family aged 10.

When was Billy Ocean born?

age 72 years

Is Billy Ocean Guyanese?

He was born in the Caribbean, in Trinidad, but moved to East London when he was seven years old. Ocean has received many awards and titles including an Honorary Doctorate in Music from the University of Westminster in 2002.

How Old Is Billy Ocean now?

72 years

Where is Billy Ocean originally from?

Fyzabad, Trinidad and Tobago

Where did Billy Ocean grow up?

Trinidad and Tobago

Where is Billy Ocean now?

Where does Billy Ocean live now? Billy Ocean lives in Berkshire, England. Ocean was born in Fyzabad in Trinidad and Tobago, and moved to Romford, England when he was ten years old.

What nationality is Billy Ocean?


When did Billy Ocean Get Married?

1978Judy Bayne

What is Billy Ocean's real name?

Leslie Sebastian Charles

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