How old is Chris Bohjalian?

How old is Chris Bohjalian?

59 years

Where did Chris Bohjalian go to college?

Amherst College

How do you pronounce Bohjalian?

- Phonetic spelling of Bohjalian. Bo-h-jalian. bo-h-jalian. Bo-hjalian. - Meanings for Bohjalian. - Examples of in a sentence. Chris Bohjalian Visits AGBU Central Office in NY. Bohjalian: A Little Hope amidst the Monastery Debris. - Translations of Bohjalian. Russian : Бохчалян

Who is the most writer?

Author Min. estimated sales Nationality ------------------- -------------------- ----------- William Shakespeare 2 billion English Agatha Christie 2 billion British Barbara Cartland 500 million British Danielle Steel 500 million American

Is Chris Bohjalian a good writer?

Bohjalian's books have been chosen as Best Books of the Year by the Washington Post, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Hartford Courant, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Bookpage, and Salon.

What kind of books does Chris Bohjalian write?

Chris A. Bohjalian (Armenian: Քրիս Պոհճալեան) is an Armenian-American novelist and the author of 20 novels, including Midwives (1997), The Sandcastle Girls (2012), The Guest Room (2016), and The Flight Attendant (2018).

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