How old is Darren Anderton?

How old is Darren Anderton?

49 yearsMarch 3, 1972

Where was Darren Anderton born?

Southampton, United Kingdom

Why was Darren Anderton called sicknote?

Renowned as a player of huge potential, Anderton's career was constantly frustrated by injury, earning him the nickname "Sicknote", which was coined by Portsmouth goalkeeper Andy Gosney.

What happened Darren Anderton?

Where is Darren Anderton now? Anderton now lives in California but still works in the UK media both on television and in print and has also represented Spurs as a club ambassador for their 2018 US pre-season tour. He has made it clear in interviews that he has no desire to go into football coaching at a later date.

How many games did Darren Anderton miss through injury?

In both the 1996-97 and 1997-98 seasons, Anderton missed over half the games through injury, starting a paltry 28% of Tottenham's total Premiership fixtures.

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