How old is Michelle Pfeiffer in Chéri?

What is the movie Chéri about?

When retired courtesan Charlotte (Kathy Bates) asks her former colleague, Lea (Michelle Pfeiffer) to instruct her son, Chéri (Rupert Friend), in the ways of love, the result is a passionate affair that lasts six years. But Charlotte arranges for Chéri to marry a younger woman, and insists the affair come to an end. Lea retreats to southern France, but destiny brings the two lovers together once more.

How does the movie Chéri end?

For the most part, the film concentrates on the first novella, titled simply Chéri, which ends with Léa relinquishing her lover and returning him to his young wife. In doing so, it invokes the 19th-century sentimental-melodrama tradition of Camille and La Traviata.

Where was Chéri filmed?

Chéri was filmed in Paris in France.

Is Chéri based on a true story?

Author Colette --------- -------------------- Country France Language French Genre Romance novel Published 1920 by Calmann-Lévy

How old was Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface?

Pfeiffer, who was 25 at the time of the film's release, said she “hadn't thought about that a lot of the time.” However, she now feels it was part of her artistic duty to show the truth of women like Elvira without sugarcoating their existence.20 Apr 2018