How old is that kitten, when can she eat dry food?

Are you looking for a kitten less than eight weeks old?If you want to be successful with your kitty, you need a list of all the supplies.

If you have been following along with the series, you will know that the kittens will go from a bottle to a wet food.Cats can eat dry food.

Let's talk about when a kitten can eat dry food and how to get them to eat it.

kittens need to develop their teeth to chew dry foodkittens have teeth in between two to six weeks.

If kittens tried to eat dry food before they were ready, they could choke on it.Until all their teeth come in, kittens should stick to a bottle.

For those of you who have read the entire kitten series, you know the process of sterilizing kittens from the bottle to food.

Babies will start out with a bottle and then move onto baby food.

They will move onto wet food until they are able to try dry food.

They should be able to eat wet and solid food on their own by the ninth week.

Everything you need to know about old kittens.

When you are unsure, you can start with wet food and slowly add dry food.

When you start feeding the kitten solid food, you want it to be a kitten food so that it gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

It helps kittens get the calories they need to grow big and strong by being higher in fat.

Kittens should be given wet food until their teeth are big enough to chew on it.

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