How old is the Chill Factore?

How old is the Chill Factore?

15c. 2007

Is Chill Factore real snow?

Chill Factore boasts the UK's longest real snow indoor ski slope at 180 metres. The height of the building is 45m.

Does Chill Factore do student discount?

Terms & Conditions. Promotion available is 20% off for the individual who is the student. Chill Factore management reserves the right to withdraw this discount at any time without any advanced warning or prior notification.

How much did Chill Factore cost?

The Chill Factore indoor ski slope has been sold for £15.5m. Development Securities has bought Extreme Cool Limited, the firm that owns and operates the venue, which first opened in November 2007.15 Jan 2015

What do you wear to the chill factor?

You'll need to wear: Warm & waterproof clothing. Thick socks. A helmet (compulsory, these can be rented free of charge)

What is the longest indoor ski slope in UK?

Chill Factore -

Are there showers at Chill Factore?

Yes we do have showers, they are located in the Changing Village, next to the disabled bathroom.

Is chill factor real snow?

How do we make the snow? Real snow is what we pride ourselves on, as it gives all our guests an altogether better experience. The snow is made from compressed air and water, which are blasted into a chilled atmosphere.

Who owns chill factor?

Snow Centres Ltd

Do students offer very discount?

Does Very do a student discount? There is currently no Very student discount. There are still ways students can save money so check out our savings section which is regularly updated with the latest promo codes, deals and offers.

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