How old is the mutant Apocalypse?

How old is the mutant Apocalypse?

It is later revealed in the origin story Rise of Apocalypse that he is possibly the first mutant (meaning, in this case, a human being born with the X-gene), born 5,000 years ago.

Who is the oldest mutant in Marvel?


What universe is Age of Apocalypse?

The Age of Apocalypse briefly replaced the universe of Earth-616 and had ramifications in the main Marvel Comics universe when the original timeline was restored. It was later retconned as having occurred in the alternate universe of Earth-295.

What was Apocalypse's power?


Is Apocalypse The oldest mutant?

While Apocalypse is undoubtedly one of the oldest known mutants, he most certainly wasn't the first. The oldest known mutant is the woman called Selene Gallio, who possesses the power to drain the life from others. She was born 17,000 years ago in what is now central Europe, in the dawning days of human civilization.27 Nov 2019

How powerful is En Sabah Nur?

Nur was transformed and enhanced by Celestial technology, becoming one of the most powerful beings who would ever live, now possessing the ability of total control over the molecular structure of his body.

What is Apocalypse's original power?

Apocalypse was born a blue, deformed mutant. Originally had Super-Strength. Once stabbed to death, his full mutant powers developed, Healing and ability to grow his body. Stopped aging at adulthood. Everything else was enhancements from Celestial genetic manipulation and cyborg-like technology.

How many books are in Age of Apocalypse?

There are 5 volumes in this series.

What happened Marvel Apocalypse?

In the aftermath of the 2005 "Decimation" storyline, in which most of the mutants lost their powers, Apocalypse was revealed to be alive and well. The techno-organic virus, with which he long ago infected Cable, was revealed to be the means by which Apocalypse's spirit reconstituted itself.

Did Phoenix kill Apocalypse?

It was Phoenix force who helped Jean in killing Apocalypse so easily, because for someone who can destroy entire worlds, it was very easy.

Who betrayed Apocalypse?


Who defeated Apocalypse?

Ultimately, Jean was able to physically rip Apocalypse from Summers' body using her mental powers, and Cable destroyed Apocalypse's essence with his own telepathic powers. However, Apocalypse did not die, but managed to regenerate in a tomb in Akkaba.

How does Age of Apocalypse end?

End of the Age of Apocalypse During the battle, Magneto battled Apocalypse to the death, ripping the mutant in half with his magnetic powers. Also during the battle, Bishop, Destiny, and Illyana traveled into the M'Kraan Crystal.

How did Phoenix kill Apocalypse?

In the new film, Jean absorbs the energy of a solar flare during a rescue mission in outer space by the X-Men. In the film's third act, Xavier tells Jean to "let go" of her power; it was the Phoenix Force, combined with the rest of the team, that killed Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac).11 Jun 2019

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