How old should you be to watch WandaVision?

How old should you be to watch WandaVision?

What age is recommended to watch WandaVision? So with all of that in mind (and again, only 3 episodes screened before making this WandaVision age recommendation), I would recommend for kids in the 8-9 year old range, unless your child is a diehard Wanda and Vision lover.14 Jan 2021

Is WandaVision kid appropriate?

Yes- straight up, no question the first three episodes of WandaVision are kid-friendly.19 Jan 2021

Will WandaVision be PG-13?

The official Disney+ page for WandaVision indicates that the series will be rated TV-PG in the United States. This will be the first rating of its kind in the MCU, considering every movie released to date has been rated PG-13 (the relative television equivalent of PG-13 is TV-14).6 Jan 2021

Should a 12 year old watch WandaVision?

It's officially rated TV-PG, meaning that it's suitable for most kids, though some parental guidance is suggested. If you have a younger child and you're concerned with the action and violence of the Marvel movies, that's not an issue with WandaVision, at least not in the first couple of episodes.15 Jan 2021

Is WandaVision child appropriate?

Wondering if WandaVision is ok for kids? WandaVision is rated TV-PG for language and a bit of suggestive content for the first few episodes. However, WandaVision then turns TV-14 for later episodes.14 Jan 2021

Are there any inappropriate scenes in WandaVision?

Sexual content is infrequent, particularly in retro episodes that open the series. The most "adult" scene has Vision asking Wanda to "get the light" before they burrow under the covers; audience whoops on the laugh track. Cursing and language is infrequent, but "damn" is heard.

Is WandaVision rated R?

The WandaVision is rated TV-PG for “action, adventure, comedy.” Is this WandaVision Review | Safe for kids? Here's what to expect for parent guidelines for this first ever PG rated Marvel television series.14 Jan 2021

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