How quickly can you evict a tenant?

How much notice should a landlord give for rent arrears?

› If you have lived in your apartment two years or more, or if you have a two-year lease, your landlord must provide you with 90 days advance written notice before raising your rent or not renewing your lease.

Can I evict a tenant who is in arrears?

Families and individuals with rent arrears who may be at risk of eviction can apply for the NYC Department of Human Resources Administration's (HRA) One-Shot Deal emergency assistance program. Learn more about One-Shot Deals or contact HRA's Infoline at 718-557-1399 for more information.

How quickly can you evict a tenant?

Notice Received by Tenants Average Timeline ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------- Issuance and Posting of Summons and Complaint AND Court Hearing and Ruling on the Eviction 10-17 days Posting of Writ of Execution A few hours to a few days Return of Possession 10 days to 1 year Return of Possession 10 days

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