How quickly do cars sell on Carvana?

How long does it take Carvana to verify documents when selling a car?

1-2 days

Does Carvana negotiate when selling a car?

We do not price match or negotiate your trade-in offer. Carvana strives to provide a haggle and hassle-free experience for our customers, so we provide our best offer up front. What documentation is required to sell my car to Carvana?

Does Carvana inspect your car before they buy it?

We perform a pre-purchase inspection where our experienced car buyers review the major mechanical systems and structural integrity of every vehicle before we purchase it from an auto auction. Step 2: We test drive each vehicle, and we do it more than once.

Does Carvana test drive your car when you sell it?

Yes. Carvana will accept your vehicle if it is newer than 1992, the odometer is in working condition, and we are able to safely perform a test drive.

Can you be denied by Carvana?

No. When you pre-qualify with Carvana, you see real, personalized terms without affecting your credit score. Though your terms will not change, we do complete a formal credit inquiry when you schedule your delivery or pickup.

Will Carvana give my car back?

Yes! All Carvana cars come with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (this also applies to all Out of Market Delivery Customers). If you decide you don't like the car during those first 7 days, please contact us where any of our chat, SMS, or phone Advocates can help set up a return or exchange for you.

Can I cancel selling my car to Carvana?

You can cancel your pre-order at any time. First, log into your account and navigate to the menu in the top right. If you're on your mobile device on, tap on the menu icon; if you're on your laptop or computer, hover over your name.

How does Carvana work if you still owe money?

If you have a loan balance on the trade-in on top of the Carvana offer, we can help you pay off your new car loan by up to $2,500. Any additional negative equity will be added to your new car down payment. So if you owe $4,000 on the trade-in, the new car loan will be increased by $2,500 and the down payment by $1,500.

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