How reliable are Honda Shadows?

How reliable are Honda Shadows?

Is the Honda Shadow 750 Reliable? Yes, the Honda Shadow 750 is a very reliable motorcycle. It has very few problems and embodies Honda's reputation for building reliable and innovative vehicles. One of the reasons the Shadow 750 is such a popular choice for new riders is because of the renowned reliability of Honda.6 May 2021

Are Honda Shadows loud?

And yes they are loud! They come with standard baffles.

Is a Honda Shadow heavy?

It's easily controlled and doesn't overwhelm the rider with excess force. Its 45 horsepower and 46.5 lb-ft of torque gives the rider a decent amount of power, but not an overwhelming amount of power. The Shadow Phantom is also a lightweight bike, which, while heavy, isn't quite as heavy as a “standard” bike would be.6 Jan 2021

Is a Honda Shadow 750 fast enough?

The base Honda Shadow 750 is no great shakes when it comes to power, making 45 horses that may sound very low but are enough to make this motorcycle a zippy drive and keep it faster than most of the traffic around.5 Oct 2020

Are Honda Shadows a good bike?

The Honda Shadow is an excellent bike for riders of any level. It has great handling that gives newbies the confidence to graduate to bigger, more powerful bikes. The Shadow is also nimble and gets great gas mileage, making it a great commuter bike for urban areas.9 May 2021

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