How reliable is Erpprep?

How reliable is Erpprep?

Highly recommended for SAP Production Planning Certification Thanks to erpprep I could score 100% in sap pp certification exam. Erpprep helped me to get an insight of scenerio based questions which helped me crack the exam with lots of confidence. I highly recommend erpprep for production planning certification.

How many questions are on the SAP certification exam?

80 questions

What are SAP dumps?

Dumps happen when an ABAP program runs and something goes wrong that cannot be handled by the program. Dumps that happen in the customer namespace ranges (i.e. own-developed code), can usually be fixed by the programmer. Dumps that happen in SAP standard code probably need a fix from SAP.

How do you pay on Erpprep?

You can pay online using a credit card or debit card. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Maestro or Paypal.

What is Erpprep?

We are a group of SAP consultants with experience in different areas of SAP Technology. Our aim is to make you familiar with actual SAP Certification exam structure and to empower you to clear the SAP Certification exam with a good score.

What is the passing score for SAP certification?

What is the minimum score needed to pass the SAP certification exam? You will need a 70% score to pass the examination.

Is SAP certification exam tough?

The SAP certification exam is one of the most known as well as most reputed certs to take. With the vast syllabus and the time constraint, some professionals find it extremely difficult to crack the same at a go.Jul 2, 2018

Can we cheat in SAP exam?

No. Unfortunately, the increased demand for certification has resulted in a growing number of people who try and attain SAP certification through cheating, for example, by using 'brain dumps' to access exam questions.

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