How reliable is the 6L80 transmission?

How reliable is the 6L80 transmission?

In response to the question 'how reliable is the 6L80 transmission? ', the answer partly depends on how well the transmission is maintained. A number of 6L80 transmission problems can occur however, including slipping and failure of reverse gear. For more information on 6L80 transmission problems, click here.

How long does a 6L80 transmission last?

In calling around to local transmission shops the general consensus is that these transmissions will only reasonably last 80 to 100 thousand miles without either the pump or torque converter going out.16 Feb 2019

Which is better 4L80E or 6L80E?

"The main difference is that the 6L80E has much more versatile gear ratios. The 4L80E is more proven because it has been around much longer and more parts are available for it, but the 6L80E has come a long way and they can handle tons of power with a few basic upgrades."19 Jan 2011

Is the 6L80 better than the 4L60?

Registered. Gear ratios are wayyyyyyyy better for MPG, towing, performance, acceleration you name it. And a stock 6L80 can handle more power through it than almost any built 4L60.2 Dec 2020

What does 6L80E stand for?

The 6L80 denotes that the transmission is a 6-Speed, Longitudinally mounted, and for 8000 lbs. vehicle weights. It's RPO code is "MYC" and it is domestically manufactured in GM's Ypsilanti, Michigan plant. Newer to the transmission world is its use of direct clutch-to-clutch shifting and the total lack of bands.

What cars use 6L80E?

The 6L80E transmission is widely used in such popular GM applications as the Silverado and Sierra trucks, Tahoe, Suburban, Denali, Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade, STS and CTS, Camaro, and G8 .

How good is the 6L80E transmission?

If you were wondering how much HP can a 6L80 handle? This transmission is designed to handle as much as 440 lb-ft of engine torque and 664 lb-ft of output torque. That's obviously quite a lot of power, which is why the 6L80 transmission is used in high-performance applications like the Chevy Camaro and Chevy Corvette.

What is the difference between a 6L80 and 6L80E?

With the Gen4 engine swaps we use a GM 6l80E 6 speed automatic transmission. It is a heavy-duty version of the 6L80 six-speed automatic, with a strengthened input gearset which has two additional pinion gears for six total, and a strengthened output gearset, that uses wider gears than the 6L80.

Are 6L80 transmissions good?

The 6L80 is doubtless a very successful OEM transmission, and a terrific conversion transmission in the right Jeeps and situations. However, it is a long transmission and is not compatible with short-wheelbase Jeeps such as the CJ5.

What does a 6L80E transmission fit?

A horsepower revolution spawned by GM's increasingly powerful Gen. III+ V8 engines and their aggressive platforms such as the Cadillac STSV, XLRV, various trucks and SUV's and the venerable Corvette. The 6L80 was approved for use in these vehicles weighing up to 8600 lbs. or gross weight of 14,000 lbs.

What year trucks have a 6L80 transmission?


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