How safe is sachet water?

What is sachet water?

Sachet water or pure water, 500-mL heat-sealed plastic sleeves of drinking water, has become an immensely popular form of packaged drinking water in the face of urban drinking water shortages in western Africa.

What is pure water in Ghana?

The sachet drinking water business in Ghana is big. Sachet water is packaged in 500 mL polyethylene plastic bags which are heat-sealed on either end. It is a fast-growing source of drinking water in Ghana. Known on the street as “pure water”, water in sachets is considered to be safe, hygienic and affordable.Jan 22, 2020

Is pure water business profitable in Ghana?

Sachet water production (pure water as it is popularly called) is a very profitable business if you can manage it well. As a smart investor, the best type of business to venture into is that with high demand. This makes sachet water production in Ghana a lucrative business for any business-conscious individual.

Is sachet water production profitable?

Sachet water production (pure water as it is popularly called in Nigeria) is a very profitable business if you can manage it well. Hundreds of millions of sachets are consumed everyday, and the demand of pure water supply is always on the rise.

Which is the best mineral water in Ghana?

Verna water tops the list of bottled water companies in Ghana. Verna Natural Mineral Water is the leading and number one selling bottling water company in Ghana. Verna Mineral Water is sourced from protected undergrounds and exceptionally treated with patented Italian High Tech with Global standard purification System.Feb 14, 2019

Is sachet water pure?

As far as microbiological quality is concerned, sachet water has not yet attained levels that make it absolutely pure and wholesome for consumption.

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