How should be a man's butt?

How do you describe a mans ass?

Descriptors: round, flat, huge, tiny, muscular, fat, bony, lumpy, curvy, cute, hard, tight… Synonyms: rump, bottom, rear end, ass, backside, trunk, bum, derriére, fanny, posterior…May 11, 2013

How do you describe an ass?

An ass is defined as a slang word used to describe a person's buttocks. ... An ass is a word used to describe someone that is stupid, foolish or behaving badly, often considered a curse word or swear word. An example of an ass is a person who is heckling a comedian at a performance.

What makes a mans ass look good?

The secret to a stellar bum? Great fit coupled with proportional—and minimal—back pockets. “You want a pant that is cut well for the hips, and has a well-fitting rise,” says stylist Lily Hetzler. “If it's too baggy or dropped more than an inch under your junk, that means it's probably sagging in the butt.”

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