How should I dress as a 30 year old?

How should I dress as a 30 year old?

- Replace Low Rise-Jeans With Wide-Leg Jeans. ... - Replace Basic Pantsuits With Trousers and Pretty Blouses. ... - Invest in Sleek Shoes. ... - Skip Tube Tops and Buy Camisoles. ... - Invest in Midi Lengths. ... - Replace Body-Con Dresses With Backless Dresses.

What should you not wear in your 30s?

- Those Cheap Ballet Flats You Bought To Wear To And From Work. ... - Sentimental Logo-Print Tees From Your High School Sports Team. ... - Ill-Fitting Or Old Underwear. ... - Acrylic Or Poly-Mix Jumpers That Are Pilled Beyond Repair. ... - Costume Jewellery From Yesteryear. ... - Any Shirts That Are Off-White.

How can I dress to look younger at 30?

It's better that "30-something girls" wear cropped tops with high-waisted skirts so that only a narrow skin line is visible, and the navel is covered to make the belly look flatter. By the way, this combination creates the right proportions of the body: it balances the top and bottom and makes the legs look longer.

What is the best outfit for birthday party?

- Avoid wearing white jeans or a white shirt so you they won't get stained from spills or grass. - Wear cargo pants or shorts for pocket space if you might need to hide small objects that aren't safe for younger children and toddlers.