How To Be a Girl People Want to be Friends With

Even if you don't want to be friends with everyone, you can still be the cool girl that everyone wants to hang out with.This combination of charisma, humor, friendliness and intelligence isn't something you have to be born with.Being likable is something anyone can achieve, whether you want to be a social butterfly or just expand your circle of friends.Is it the best way to do it?Try new things, and always be positive.

Step 1: Be friendly to everyone.

Offer to help people with difficult tasks, like homework or setting up a group activity.If you want to be friendly to everyone, you have to say hello when you sit next to someone.A simple smile can show how kind you are.If you don't like someone, try to be nice to them.It would be impossible to be best friends with everyone.Make sure everyone has a good impression of you by being friendly.

Step 2: Be who you are.

Girls who are authentic are what people want to be around.It makes them feel good about themselves and encourages them to be who they are.Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through, that's what makes you who you are.Bring a book to school if you love to read.People will be impressed with your confidence if you don't think it's the "coolest" hobby ever.If it goes against your values, don't feel like you have to go along with the crowd.Speak up if a group is making fun of someone.You are staying true to yourself and people will respect that.

Step 3: Have a good sense of humor.

Think about what makes you happy.How come those people are so funny?Look for a lighthearted tone of voice or hand gestures.People want to be around someone who makes them laugh.Point out the humor in everyday life, like your dog's funny habits or the weird look of the cafeteria food, to people.Don't use self-deprecating humor too much in tense situations.It's okay to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake, but don't let it be your first resort.Don't make fun of someone with humor.You can use your jokes to pick up people.

Step 4: Be honest.

Give someone your honest opinion if they ask for it.Being honest will show that you are trustworthy and confident in your opinions, which will make people value your thoughts even more.If someone asks you how hard a math test is, for example, say, "I studied so it wasn't so bad"Try to find a balance between them.

Step 5: Positive vibes can be found in every situation.

If your soccer team just lost a game, remind everyone of the great goal they scored together.People will love being around you when you are always optimistic.Don't try to go over the top with your optimism.Some people need time to digest a difficult situation.Simply say, "This is really hard right now, but it will be better soon."If you need it, I am always here to talk.

Step 6: Make eye contact by smiling authentically.

Body language is just as important as what you say.Stand up straight.Don't cross your legs or hunch down if you're sitting.You should keep your body language open.Don't be afraid to smile at people!You should be aware of your resting face.Smiling all the time would be weird, but you don't want to be scowling either.Keep your eyes open and alert, and have a neutral expression on your face, like you could smile at any moment.

Step 7: Be positive.

All the time, remind yourself of the amazing things about yourself.You should keep a list of your good qualities.Are you compassionate?Is it outgoing?Is it an optimistic?You should be proud of these great qualities.If you ever start to feel down on yourself, think about them.People want to be friends with girls who are confident.Soon your friends will feel the same way.Stand up straight.Body language can help you feel confident.Even if you don't feel like yourself, having good posture and open body language can help you "fake it till you make it."You should balance out your confidence with humility.You want to be sure of yourself.Don't think you're above everyone else.The rest will follow if you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Step 8: Empathize with other people.

When something good happens to one of your friends, like scoring well on a test, be excited and happy for them.If a friend is cut from a sports team or school play, be compassionate and comfort them.People will trust you as a friend if you have a supportive, empathetic personality.

Step 9: Talk to people you haven't spoken to before.

Introduce yourself and ask an easy question, like, "Hello, I'm Jen".Try to get to know them a bit by asking if you are new in school.Ask them what they like to do in their free time.Getting to know new people will expand your circle of friends and help people see you as friendly and compassionate.It is not hard to be outgoing at first.A lot of people don't like new people.Start with simple, short conversations about the person's classes or lunch food, like, "English class was so boring today," or "That sandwich looks really good!" Even a smile or a short answer could be the first step to making a new friend.Don't be too eager or pushy.Relax and just smile.They will feel at ease if you are more comfortable.

Step 10: Ask about other people.

It is important that a conversation never revolves around you.Be present during the conversation and be interested in what everyone is saying.Ask questions and keep eye contact.Encouraging other people to talk makes them feel appreciated and interested in you.If someone asks about your pets, for example, you could start by describing your pet and then return the conversation to them.You could say, "I have a dog who's crazy!"He ran around the house barking for an hour.Some people are not good at conversation.If they answer your questions with short answers, you should smile and compliment them.It is okay to let the conversation die down naturally.

Step 11: Allow yourself to feel vulnerable.

It is not the opposite of confidence.Being vulnerable is a big part of being confident.It means you put yourself out there.Being vulnerable makes people want to emulate you, because it shows that you are willing to try difficult tasks even when you aren't sure of yourself.One way of being vulnerable is to own up to your mistakes and weaknesses.If you want to push yourself to try new things, you can say, "I know I am not great at science, but I have always tried as hard as I can."It will be easier to be vulnerable with the little things with time.

Step 12: You should be immersed in your interests.

Doing the things you love to do is a simple way to feel good about yourself and interesting to other people.Spending time doing your hobbies will make you a nicer person to be around, even if it doesn't seem like something other people would think is cool.If you love knitting or crocheting, you should spend a few minutes every day working on your newest creation.Try to learn a few new songs if you love playing the guitar.Don't force other people to talk about your hobbies when you bring them up in a conversation.If someone mentions wanting to learn a musical instrument, you could say, "I play the guitar and it's so fun."I think you could do well.

Step 13: Join new activities.

Try a new sport, join the band, or run for student council.If you try new things, people will see you as a girl who is willing to open herself up, even if you are not very good.

Step 14: Stay up-to-date with the news.

Knowing what is happening in the world and in your community will help you contribute to conversations in an informed and mature way.You can catch the nightly news a few times a week.You can follow outlets on social media and use a news app.If someone has a question about any current news, you have your own unique perspective to give.

Step 15: The friends have been there from the beginning.

Don't leave your old friends behind when you expand your circle.You will come off as a social climber, because people will see you as someone who just wants shallow popularity and doesn't care about making real connections.

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