How To Become Comfortable Around Girls

You aren't easy to get along with.Don't worry, most people are just like the Big Bang Theory's Rajesh Koothrappali.Being shy around girls is not a unique issue, and you and others can learn to deal with it.Girls are just as human as you are.You will be on your way to smooth in no time with a little preparation and coaching.

Step 1: You should build your self esteem.

If you want to be comfortable with girls, you have to feel comfortable in your own skin.If you're a fake, they'll probably catch it because most women are more aware of social signals than men.Reinforce your positive thoughts to build self confidence.

Step 2: To be comfortable alone, learn to be alone.

You can't be desperate.You will not be dependent on the approval of others if you are comfortable on your own.You will find yourself more comfortable around girls if you don't rely on them for approval.

Step 3: It's a good idea to learn something new.

It is important to engage in self improvement in order to become comfortable and confident in your own skin.You don't need to be a genius if you learn new skills and improve your knowledge.When a girl asks you what is new, you will always give an interesting answer.

Step 4: Get in shape by working out.

If you take positive steps to improve yourself physically, you don't need to look like an athlete.Not only will you feel more attractive, but your brain will release mood and confidence boosting endorphins that will improve your self esteem long before you see a difference in how you look.You will get used to pushing the limits of your comfort zone if you improve yourself physically and engage in activities that challenge you.

Step 5: Prepare yourself to interact with girls.

Make sure you are around girls as much as possible.I don't want you to know their presence.Mention your new knowledge, hobby, or skill in order to find common ground.To begin conversations.You will never be comfortable around girls if you stay behind a computer screen.A girl is more likely to enjoy your company if you are around a lot.For the most part girls will like more when you are around them more.

Step 6: Social groups can be used to take advantage.

You don't need to start by striking out on your own and spending time with a girl.In groups of mutual friends, you can meet and spend time with girls.When given the chance, make a decision to interact individually with girls.If things get awkward or you start to get nervous, you have the safety net of a group for both of you to hang out with.You can use a social group to invite a girl to spend time with you when she wouldn't have otherwise.We were going to see the new movie.Have you seen it yet?We thought you would like to come.

Step 7: It's a good idea to engage in person.

Building connections is something that needs to be practiced.Try to listen for and observe the interests of girls.These observations can be used to talk to girls.They'll be happy to talk about the subject, giving you a low stress chance to listen and have them drive the majority of the conversation.If you compliment a girl on her new hairstyle, ask why she changed it.Mention that you like the sport, and ask how long the girl has been playing.If you notice a girl's tan, ask if she has been to the beach recently.Ask when she got into weightlifting.

Step 8: Further contact should be developed.

It is possible to get girls' phone numbers or social media contact information once you have established a good relationship.It sure is good practice to ask a girl out.You can learn to talk to girls in any environment if you have the ability to chat over text.Don't get tied to only communicating electronically.It is a good start, but not everything.

Step 9: Rejection should not get you down.

Asking for a girl's contact information is okay if they decline.It shouldn't shake your confidence.Baseball players fail to get on base over half the time.Rejection should not make you disappointed.Rejection and disappointment are good.Rejection will condition you to realize that it is normal and okay.

Step 10: The project will welcome body language.

Your body language can say a lot.You don't want to be telling girls that you're nervous or not wanting to talk to them.If your body language is off, you'll be as nervous as you are and the interaction will be awkward.A smiling person works wonders!crossed or folded arms and hands are bad for conversation partners.While speaking, use reasonable hand motions, gestures, and eye contact.You'll appear more engaging, and the physical movement is an outlet for stress, relaxing and soothing you.Casually make friendly physical contact.A tap on the arm to draw attention is normal and can be used as a physical icebreaker.

Step 11: Listen in to the conversation.

Girls enjoy talking about the same things as guys.Let her know that you are interested in her interests.When you're talking about a topic that you already like, it's easier to talk to girls.What is the most important part of the conversation?Being a good person to talk to.Both guys and girls will be more than happy to listen to you.If you are not comfortable talking too much, you won't have to.The most important communication skill is listening.Being a good listener will show that you care about the other person more than you do about yourself.

Step 12: Things should be done together.

It is easy to break the ice and build comfort in a relationship by doing things together.This doesn't have to happen on a date.If you focus on a particular task or activity, you are less likely to get nervous.It is a low pressure way of building comfort and getting to know one another.Find activities that involve both common interests and responsibilities.Do your homework with your dogs.Suggest new adventures that both of you might be interested in.If you both do something new, you will be more focused on the activity than on being around a girl.