How to build a bird feeders pole for under $5

If the pipes stick when sliding up and down, apply vegetable oil or non-stick cooking spray to the smaller pole.

It's easy to reach for cleaning and filling the bird feeders with a telescopic pole.Store-bought models are expensive.The solution is to make your own.This may seem daunting, but it requires little more than a few pieces of piping and some ring pins.The finished product is easy to use and keeps your friends safe.

The drill bit and electric drill are needed to drill two holes in the side of the pipe.6 inches down from the top edge, place the holes opposite of one another in the side of the pole.

Use the same drill bit to drill two more holes in the pipe.12 inches down from the top edge of the pipe, place these two holes opposite of one another.You can move your bird feeders to a higher or lower position with the two sets of holes.

Use the drill bit to drill two holes in the side of the pipe.6 inches from the bottom edge of the pipe, place the holes across from one another.

Put the pipe in the ground.The end of the holes should be upward.10 inches of the pipe is underground.

Attach a small piece of metal to the bottom of your bird feeders.Attach the flange with one 1-inch screw through each of the four holes.Apply glue to the inside of the pipe.The holes are opposite the end of the pipe.Allow the glue to dry.

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