How To Buy a Weapon in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a 2010 Western adventure video game that was published for the Microsoft XBOX and Sony PLAYSTATION 3.Weapons can be purchased at different gunsmiths in the game world.The power, range, rate of fire, and reload speed of most guns can be viewed before purchasing them.The players' level of honor affects some weapon prices.The "Savvy Merchant Outfit" can lower prices on certain guns.The guide below shows the location and price of each weapon you can buy in the game.

Step 1: Choose "Map" from the menu while the game is paused.

Step 2: To find a town, scroll around the map.

Step 3: Go to a town and look for a gun store.

Store icons appear when you zoom in, letting you know what services are available.The gunsmiths are represented by an icon.

Step 4: There is a gunsmith in the town.

Step 5: Speak to the shopkeeper at the gunsmith.

There is an item list with "Buy" and "Sell" at the top.If you want to buy, select "Buy."

Step 6: You can purchase a weapon from the item list.

After completing certain sections of the game, throwing weapons such as fire bottles, and throwing knives can be purchased at any gunsmith.

Step 7: You can buy specific guns in each town.

You can get a Volcanic Pistol for $100, a Double-Barreled Shotgun for $300, or $150 to $75 if you have high-enough honor, at the Armadillo Gunsmith.If you have low-enough honor, the Thieves Landing Gunsmith has a Springfield rifle for $300.If you have high-enough honor, the Escalera Gunsmith has a Semi-Automatic Pistol for $300, or $150 if you do not have a high enough honor.If you have low- or high-enough honor, the Blackwater Gunsmith has a Mauser pistol for $800, or $400 with high enough honor.

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