How to Change a Water Pump on a V6 Chevrolet Engine is a forum.

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The water pump is in the center of the picture.Only one of the four small bolts is attached to the pulley.

The 3900 V6 engine is used in many of the company’s vehicles.Many of the steps will apply to another vehicle, but this is only for the 2007 Chevy Uplander van.

An intermediately skilled mechanic should be able to complete the job in three hours.I had not worked on a vehicle in nearly 20 years, and I only had one problem, the serpentine belt, so I will explain how to avoid it in the steps below.

The water pump needs to be replaced.Look for a couple of clues.

Don’t let your engine get too hot as it will blow the engine.The vehicle would run for 10 minutes and then get hot.

There are leaks around the water pump.The water pump is on the right side of the pulley.To the left is the air conditioner compressor.

There are items blocking access to the water pump.This is at least three or four items.The first thing that comes to mind is the fuse box.The box is removed by exposing two small nuts on the fender wall.The fuse box can be moved out of the way once those are removed.The cross bar is the next thing to be removed.Two bolts connect it to the front of the engine compartment and a third bolts secure it in the fender wall area.The battery needs to be removed.If you want more access, you can detach the windshield fluid container.

The four bolts securing the pulley to the water pump need to be loosened.After the belt is removed, leave one bolt in.

The belt needs to be removed.The tension pulley needs to be placed with a 3/8 inch racket or breaker bar.The craft shaft pulley is parallel to the water pump if you are standing in front of the vehicle.It’s a tight fit.Pull the pulley to loosen the belt after the ratchet is attached.The belt should be wound around all the pulleys when you slide it off.In the long run, it will save you time.

The final bolt from the pulley cover needs to be removed.If the pulley sticks, you can use a pry bar or a long-handled screwdriver.

The old water pump needs to be removed.There is a gasket on the surface.If there is a build up, you may want to flush it out.

Make sure the gasket is aligned correctly by attaching the new pump.If you want to make sure the gasket seals, you have to tighten all the bolts.Don’ttighten.

Reattach the belt.I had to figure out how to fix the belt after I let it slip off.Smooth pulleys get the back of the belt while grooved pulleys have the front side.If the belt falls off, there is a hard way to attach it to the pulley.It won’t work if you wind it from the front.

To check for leaks, add anti-freeze and let the engine run for 15-20 minutes.During this process, watch your temperature gauge.If it continues to heat up, you also have the possibility of a bad thermostat or a problem with the coolant system.

If the engine is not overheating and there are no leaks, you should attach the fuse box.

Test drive the vehicle at a road speed to make sure the antifreeze level is correct.

After the engine has cooled, double check anti-freeze levels to make sure the level is correct.

The engine overheated after I installed the water pump.The air was trapped in the system.There are a couple of ways to solve this.The other option is to fill the overfill tank and let the engine set.The air will be forced out by the antifreeze.Another option is to leave the cap on and let the engine run.I flushed the heater lines after changing out the thermostat.Both methods worked for me.

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