How To Change the Band on an Apple Watch

You can learn how to replace your Apple Watch's band with a different one.There are no tools or prior expertise that you can use to perform this process.Third-party bands may or may not work with your Apple Watch, so keep that in mind.

Step 1: Determine the screen size of the Apple Watch.

You need to know which version of Apple Watch you have in order to buy the correct size of band.You can find your Apple Watch's screen size in the app on your phone.The screen is in the left corner.The Apple Watch's name is at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Purchase a replacement band.

Replacement bands can be purchased from any Apple Store or Best Buy.Make sure that your replacement band is the same width as your Apple Watch, and be wary of bands that claim to work with both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.You can buy third-party Apple Watch bands in most tech stores and online, but be aware that they aren't always reliable.

Step 3: Turn off your watch.

Press and hold the Power switch on the right side of the Apple Watch housing, then slide it from right to left.It isn't necessary, but it will keep you from doing things like responding to text messages with gibberish.

Step 4: On a soft surface, place your Apple Watch face-down.

While you replace the band, this will prevent your Apple Watch screen from getting scratched.If you have a microfiber towel, use it instead of a regular towel.

Step 5: Press the band release button.

The band can connect to the Apple Watch screen through the button above it.You have to hold this button until you remove the band segment.

Step 6: The band should be moved to the left.

It shouldn't be in its slot.

Step 7: The other side of the band should be removed.

If you want to remove the Apple Watch's band, hold down the other band release button.The Apple Watch screen should be band-free.

Step 8: Attach the replacement band to the Apple Watch.

Make sure the outside of the band is facing out, then slide each side into the slots in which the original band was placed.The band should click into place.Remove the band without holding down the release buttons if you don't hear it clicking.If it slides out, try flipping it and attaching it in a different way; if that doesn't work, the band is not compatible with your Apple Watch.

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