How To Check and Maintain Your Heating System

Regular maintenance on your furnace and heating system is important.You don't want your furnace to break down in the winter.Regular maintenance of your heating system will increase its life, reduce the risk of needing major repairs or furnace replacement, and will keep you warm all winter long.

Step 1: The furnace filter needs to be checked and replaced.

A blocked furnace filter will make your furnace less efficient.It is important that your furnace filter is not blocked.

Step 2: The heat exchanger needs to be inspected for cracks, rust or other damage.

A no-heat situation can be caused by a crack in the heat exchanger.A larger crack could cause a fire in the furnace or cause the flames to go out of the burner opening.It could cause a fire.Have it replaced if you suspect a crack.

Step 3: The vent system should be checked for leaks, holes and obstructions.

If there are disconnected or crushed sections, check the furnace ducts.Fix seal leaks with a duct mastic sealant by inspecting the entire duct work.Contact a heating and cooling contractor if you are not sure how to access the ducts.Duct work insulation that has gotten in, blown pieces of your old furnace filter or other debris could be to blame for the blocked vents.It could affect the heating's efficiency or cause a room to not heat up at all if it isn't cleared.A full duct cleaning by a heating contractor every fall will ensure that the heating system is running at maximum efficiency and that there are no blocked vents.

Step 4: Check the burners for damage or if they need to be cleaned.

If the burners look dirty and aren't firing up in a proper sequence, they need to be cleaned out.The burners can be cleaned with a vacuum or toothbrush.

Step 5: All of the heating vents need to be unblocked.

Furniture and other items should be removed from your heating vents.Dust can be found in the vents and along the baseboards.

Step 6: The heating system needs to be upgraded.

You can be losing some serious energy if you are still running a 1970s gas furnace.A high efficiency gas furnace can achieve a 97 percent efficiency rating.Your natural gas use could be cut in half if you replace your old furnace.A new furnace will save you money, as well as ensure your family's safety, and eliminate the need for furnace repairs.

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