How to check your driver and passenger ratings is one of the topics discussed by Ridester.

Online reviews are as important as recommendations for nearly 90 percent of customers.They give every rider and driver the chance to rate their experience on the app.You can contribute to the rider or driver’s score if you don’t like them.Do you want to know more about your rating?Everything you need to know is here.

You may be wondering what my rating is.On a 1 to 5-star scale, a passenger rating indicates how other drivers have rated your performance in the past.Five stars are the best and one star is the worst.You can contribute to your driver’s rating at the end of the ride.

When you open the Lyft app, you won’t be able to see your rating.You can only check your rating by asking your next driver or by email.You can be notified by Lyft if it knows your rating.Your driver will see your rating at the end.They can check through the side of the app if you call them.