How to Check Your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is a video.

This is a step-by-step guide to replace your service provider's routers with your own, and get out of MOCA mode, which allows you to install more set top boxes.

You need the MOCA tech for your set top boxes if you are getting your television service from Frontier/Verizon.This is only for people who only want internet service from Frontier/Verizon Fios.

It is possible that your provider will need to install the newest ONT box on the side of your home.You need to tell them that you are considering getting 1000mbps.

If you get into the weeds, I am not a network guru, nor am I responsible if you break something.If you can't get this to work, I would suggest calling your provider and having a tech or a buddy that knows networking come help you out, or have them on stand-by with some beer and pizza.The old routers can be released to the new one to help it get provisioned.You can log into your old computer to make that happen.

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