How To Chocolate Sauce can be made.

There is nothing quite like a chocolate sauce on ice cream.It is very easy to make a basic chocolate sauce at home.You can control the flavor, texture, and ingredients in your sauce by making it from scratch.A sauce that is like a thick fudge can be made.All you need to make these recipes is chocolate and a liquid.Depending on the ingredients and time you have on hand, these recipes for different chocolate sauces move from basic to more complex.

Step 1: Measure and prepare chocolate and cream.

Approximately 1 and 1/2 cups of chocolate sauce can be made from the ingredients.You can use milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate.Cream is the preferred liquid because of the rich sauce it creates.Milk or half-and-half could be used.The flavor of the sauce will be intense if you use chocolate with a higher percentage of cacao and a liquid that doesn't have a lot of fat in it.

Step 2: You can heat a double boiler.

A medium saucepan is filled with a few inches of water.Add the chocolate and heavy cream to the metal bowl.Don't burn the chocolate.If chocolate is burned or overheated, it can seize up.If your chocolate starts to clump together, it's time to worry.It is an indication that the chocolate is burning if it loses some of its smooth sheen.If this happens, you'll have to start over as the chocolate will have a burned taste to it and won't taste right in the recipe.Remember that chocolate is the star dish.The metal bowl with the chocolate and cream should not touch the water in the pan.The chocolate will seize and burn if it is mixed with moist chocolate.You can put the chocolate and cream in a microwave safe dish for a short time.Don't burn it.Remove from the microwave.

Step 3: In the double broiler, stir ingredients together.

As the water warms, mix the ingredients together.Remove the saucepan from the heat if it looks like the sauce is getting too hot.You know it's melted when the chocolate is smooth and shiny.

Step 4: Add any optional ingredients.

If you want to jazz up your sauce, you can add extra flavors or ingredients.Adding butter to the sauce will give it a glossy sheen and smooth texture.If you want to heighten the chocolatey flavor, add a dash of vanilla extract.You can add a quarter of a flavor extract.Add a dash of red wine, Grand Marnier, or your favorite liqueur.

Step 5: Store it in the fridge or serve it immediately.

The sauce should last for two weeks.To rewarm, microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute in a pan or sink of hot water.If the sauce isn't melted enough, microwave it for a short time and then put it back in.You don't want to burn it.

Step 6: Your chocolate sauce is delicious.

On top of ice cream and other treats, this basic sauce is great.It's great on its own, right out the container with a spoon.

Step 7: Measure ingredients.

Don't use Dutch-processed cocoa powder.Natural, unsweetened cocoa powder is lighter in color and popular brands include Hershey Natural Un sweetened Cocoa and Ghirardelli 100 Percent Unsweetened Cocoa Powder.

Step 8: The cocoa powder and sugar should be put in a saucepan.

Place it in a container and stir until blended.The water and salt should be added.

Step 9: To heat the stove, turn it on to medium heat.

When boiling, whisk over heat.It's important to stir constantly.

Step 10: The mixture should be boiled until it becomes thick.

It should take 3-4 minutes.The mixture will be thin at first, but will get thicker as it cools.The sauce is thinner and more fluid than the traditional chocolate sauce.It works great as a topping for ice cream and other desserts, but also as an enhancer of liquids like milk, coffee, and smoothies.

Step 11: Continue to stir in salt until it is dissolved.

You can add as much or as little salt as you please.

Step 12: Remove from heat.

Add in the extract and stir.The mixture should be cool.

Step 13: Store sauce in a container.

The container should be in the refrigerator.The syrup should last at least a month.

Step 14: Measure and prepare ingredients.

In a medium saucepan, combine cream, syrup, brown sugar, cocoa powder, salt and half the chocolate.

Step 15: It's a good idea to heat over medium-high.

The mixture should be brought to a boil.The heat should be reduced to medium-low or low.Stirring occasionally, cook for 5 minutes.A rapid boiling after the mixture has reached its initial boiling point is not what you want.If you've got the temperature too high, your mixture shouldn't be splashing all over the stove.

Step 16: The saucepan should be removed from the heat.

Stir in the butter and chocolate.Put it in a container and stir until smooth.

Step 17: It is advisable to have a cool sauce for at least 30 minutes.

As the sauce cools, it will start to thicken.You can store it in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Step 18: You can microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The texture is pourable but still thick.