How to clean a bluestone patio.

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There is a fantastic addition to any home.It's a beautiful material to work with.It is incredibly versatile and offers natural variation.

The Old Melbourne Gaol and Princes Bridge are examples of buildings constructed out of bluestone and they offer so much on both a functional and aesthetic level.

Most of the time, a broom or blower is all you need to keep your bluestone pavers looking new.

Extra cleaning may be required if you have had your bluestone for a long time.Here are a few pointers on keeping your bluestone pavers in tip-top shape.

All you need is water and a high-pressure water cleaner.Let your high-pressure cleaner do all the work for you and you won't have to worry about lugging around heavy buckets of water or scrubbing away at your paving.

If your bluestone pavers are tired, you may want to give them a more intensive clean.The results are amazing if you have had your bluestone for a while.

For more intensive cleaning, we recommend products that are designed for the particular stain that you are trying to eradicate, and for bluestone itself.If you call our showroom, we can recommend a cleaning product that is safe for natural stone and tailored to your needs, whether this be timber stains, rust stains or tyre stains.

Regardless of which cleaning product we recommend for your needs, always ensure that you use it according to the manufacturers instructions, apply it using the recommended method, and never leave it on your pavers longer than necessary.If the cleaning solution dries into the bluestone, your pavers could be left with strange marks and discoloration, and it is not a good idea to carry out this type of cleaning on a hot day.

The top layer of dirt and debris should be easy to remove if you follow this advice.If you give your pavers a quick hose down, your patio will look as good as new.

It's a hot tip to never clean bluestone with HCl.Bluestone has iron and ferrous minerals that react and rust.

Prevention is often better than cure.We recommend that you have your bluestone sealed.It's easier to clean your pavers if they are sealed.If you want to apply the seal yourself, you can either purchase it from us or get a professional to do it for you.

The information you need to keep your bluestone pavers in perfect condition is here.We will make sure you receive all the information you need to keep your bluestone at its best, if you get the pavers from the professionals at Premier Paver's.

We have a wide range of paving products in a variety of colors and sizes.We can help you with special order sizes that are surprisingly affordable.

Meeting your requirements is important to us and we never compromise on quality.Lower prices and better quality are what we provide.Call us now.!

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