How to connect Pre-Manufactured Stair Stringers together.

For a 10′ rise, I need to make stair stringers.The stair stringer is 18 to 20 feet long.Only 16′ 2 X 12’s are available.Is it okay to shorten them?How do I know if that is the case?

Most building supply yards sell lumber to 20′.Home improvement stores, etc.Only sell popular lengths.

According to the code, you can build a set of stairs to a maximum total rise of 12′.I would use a 2×12 on each side of the joint and a 4′ on the other side to make a stair stringer.If you want to layout the opposite side, put the splice on one side.If you want to lay the splice out, tack it in place.You can cut out the stair stringer.Then screw or nail it together.

In my How to build stairs articles, I mentioned that you should support the stair stringer with posts to take the bounce out.

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