How To Corner bookmarks can be made.

You can mark your place in a book with bookmarks.Standard, rectangular-shaped ones can get pretty boring if they get expensive.Why don't you make your own bookmark?You can make a triangular bookmark with a square sheet of paper and a few minutes.There are other ways to make a bookmark if you aren't used to it.

Step 1: You can get 6 by 6 inches of paper.

If you don't have any origami paper, you can cut a square out of thin paper such as gift wrap, printer paper or construction.It is too thick to be used for this project.If it is still a perfect square, you can use smaller sizes.

Step 2: To make a triangle, fold the paper in half.

Take one corner and fold it into the other corner.Make it nice and sharp by running your fingernail along the crease.

Step 3: The triangle should be turned so that it is upright.

The folded edge should be facing you.The point tip should be away from you.

Step 4: One of the tips should be folded towards the bottom.

Your triangle has two layers of paper.Only one of those layers is folding.The paper should still be shaped like a triangle, but with a smaller upside-down triangle inside.This will make a pocket for your bookmarks.

Step 5: The bottom corners of the triangle should be folded up.

Pull the left corner towards the top of the triangle.Run your finger along the crease to make sure the edges are straight.For the other side, repeat this step.A diamond shape is what you will end up with.

Step 6: The corners should be folded back towards the inside of the triangle.

Take the first corner and put it inside the triangle.It should be tucked under the pocket.For the other corner, repeat this step.

Step 7: If you want, decorate the bookmark.

You can decorate it with stickers or draw a face on it to make it look like a monster.You use different colors to look like animals.

Step 8: If needed, let the bookmark dry.

If you used stickers to decorate your bookmark, you're good to go.If you used pens or markers to decorate it, you might want to let it dry a little so that the wet ink doesn't transfer onto your book.

Step 9: You can get some 6 by 6-inch paper.

You can use any type of paper for this, from plain old printer paper to construction paper.It is possible to make the square smaller, but it must be a perfect square.

Step 10: If you want to make a triangle, fold paper in half and unfold it.

Pull the bottom left corner towards the top right corner.Make it nice and sharp by running your fingernail along the crease.When you are done, unfold the paper.

Step 11: Put the paper in half and unfold it again.

Take the bottom right corner and put it in the upper left corner.Put your finger on the crease and unfold the paper.The X should be in the middle of your paper.

Step 12: Cut out one of the triangles from your paper.

Four triangles point towards the middle if you look at your paper.The creases can be used as a guide to cut out one of the triangles.There will be a center triangle and two side flaps.

Step 13: Take out one of the side flaps.

Take the left side flap and fold it into the triangle, following the crease you made earlier.

Step 14: Put some glue or double-sided tape on the side flap you just folded down.

Liquid glue can be used if you are careful, but a glue stick is the least messy.If you are using double-sided tape, make sure to put it all along the edges.If you are using liquid glue, brush it on with a paintbrush.

Step 15: Place the flap on top of the glue or tape.

You should have a triangle shape now.To seal the glue or tape, run your finger over the triangle.You can sharpen them by running your fingernail around the edges.

Step 16: If you want, decorate your bookmark.

You can either leave your bookmark as it is or decorate it with stickers.You can draw a picture or write a message on it.

Step 17: If needed, let the bookmark dry.

Your bookmark is ready to go if you just used tape.You might want to give the bookmark a little time to dry if you decorated it with glue, paint, or markers.You shouldn't ruin the pages of your book.

Step 18: Cut two squares from a sheet of paper.

Try to use a sturdy sheet of paper.If you can't get any, use regular printer paper.

Step 19: A diagonal line is drawn across one of the squares.

The line should go from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.This is the cutting line.The other square should be blank.

Step 20: You drew a line.

You will get two triangles.One of those triangles should be discarded.You don't need more than one.

Step 21: Cut off any excess tape by covering both sides of the blank square with duct tape.

Cut off any excess tape after placing the square on a piece of duct tape.You have to flip the paper over to get to the other side.

Step 22: The triangle should be placed on top of a strip of duct tape with the point touching the top edge.

Put a strip of duct tape in front of you, sticky-side-up, by cutting a 312 inch (8.89 centimeters) long strip.The paper triangle should be placed on top of the tape with the tip touching the edge.There is tape under the triangle.Make sure you put the triangle in the middle of the tape.

Step 23: The excess tape should be folded over the triangle.

The bottom edge of the triangle should be in the crease of tape.Don't fold the paper.

Step 24: The square should be on top of the triangle.

Make sure the corners of the square are aligned with the top point.There are two flaps of tape on either side of the diamond shape.

Step 25: The tape flaps should be folded down.

Take the left flap of tape and put it on the square.Take the right flap and fold it down onto the square.

Step 26: You can use your bookmark.

The bookmark needs to be flipped over.There is a pocket at the top of the diamond shape.You can put this pocket over the page you want to mark.