How To Create a Calendar in Microsoft Excel

You can use excel to create and manage your calendar, which is not known as a calendar program.If you want to format a calendar yourself, there are a variety of calendar templates that you can choose from, which will be quicker.You can import a list of calendar events from a spreadsheet into your Outlook calendar.

Step 1: Start a new document.

You can pick from a variety of different templates when you click the "File" tab or Office button.You'll need to select "New from template" from the File menu for certain versions of excel.A blank calendar that you can fill in with events can be created from a template.It will not convert your data into a calendar format.The next section will show you how to convert a list of excel data into an Outlook calendar.

Step 2: You can search for calendar templates.

Depending on the version of Office you are using, there may be a "Calendars" section or you can just type "calendar" into the search field.There are a few calendar templates on the main page of some versions of excel.If these meet your needs, you can either use them or search for all the different calendar templates online.Depending on your needs, you can get more specific with your search.If you want an academic calendar, you can search "academic calendar" instead.

Step 3: The template should be set to the correct dates.

You'll see your new calendar when the template loads.You can usually change the date using the menu that appears when you select it.Depending on the template you are using, the process will be different.Click the button next to the displayed year or month if you want to select it.The calendar will adjust automatically if you pick from the options displayed.You can change the day of the week by selecting a new one.

Step 4: You should check for any tips.

The calendar template has a text box with tips that can be used to change the dates.If you don't want tip text boxes on your calendar, you'll need to remove them.

Step 5: If you want to change the visuals, adjust them.

You can change the look of the elements by selecting one and then changing it in the Home tab.Just like you would any object in excel, you can change the size, color, and more.

Step 6: You can enter your events.

You can begin entering events after your calendar is configured correctly.You can start typing by selecting the cell you want to add an event to.If you need to put more than one thing on a single day, you may have to get creative with your spacing.

Step 7: A blank spreadsheet can be created in excel.

Data from excel can be imported into Outlook.It can make it easier to import work schedules.

Step 8: Add the correct information to your spreadsheet.

It will be easier to import your list into Outlook if it is formatted correctly.The first row contains the Subject Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Description

Step 9: The calendar entries should be entered into a new row.

The "Subject" field is the name of the event on your calendar.You don't need to enter every field, but you will need at least a "Start Date" as well as the "Subject."The date should be entered into the standard MM/DD/YY format so that it can be read by Outlook.The Start Date and End Date fields can be used to make an event that lasts multiple days.

Step 10: Go to the "Save As" menu.

When you're done adding events to your list, you can save it in a format that can be read by Outlook.

Step 11: From the file type menu, choose "CSV (Comma delimited)".

This format can be imported into a variety of programs, including Outlook.

Step 12: The file needs to be saved.

If you want to save the list in a different format, give it a name.When asked if you want to continue, click "Yes"

Step 13: You can open your calendar.

If you have excel installed, Outlook will generally be installed.Click the calendar button in the lower- left corner to view your calendar when Outlook is open.

Step 14: Click the "File" tab to open and export.

There are several options for handling Outlook data.

Step 15: Go to "Import/Export."

This will allow for data to be imported and exported into and out of Outlook.

Step 16: You can choose to "Import from another program or file" or "Comma Separated Values".

Select the file you want to load from.

Step 17: You can find the file you created in excel.

If you didn't change the default location, you should be able to find it in your Documents folder.

Step 18: "Calendar" should be the destination folder.

Since you're in the calendar view in Outlook, it should be selected.

Step 19: To import the file, click "Finish".

The events will be added to your calendar after your list is processed.With times set according to your list, you can find your events in the correct places.You will see these after selecting an event if you include descriptions.