How To Create a Google Form on PC or Mac

You can learn how to create a web form from your computer.

Step 1: Go to the form in your browser.

You can use any web browser to create a form.If you haven't already signed in to your account, sign in now.

Step 2: The form is blank.

There is a plus in the white square at the top of the page.

Step 3: You can type a name for the form.

You will see this name at the top of your form.To start typing, click to highlight the text.

Step 4: Write a description.

You can describe the purpose of the form in the blank beneath the title.As you work, your form will save.

Step 5: Enter your first question.

The question you want to ask should be replaced with the Untitled Question.

Step 6: Next to the multiple choice is the downward-pointing arrow.

There is a list of response types.

Step 7: You can choose the type of responses you want to allow.

To provide a list of answers that your users will choose from.You can allow more than one answer from a list.Select if the user has to upload a file.Users can type a sentence or two on a single line or give space for a longer response.Users can choose from dates and times.

Step 8: You can type possible answers.

The first possible answer should be replaced with "Option 1".Add remaining choices the same way.Click the picture icon to the right of the answer blank and select an image to add as a possible answer.If no other answer applies to the user, click to add a typing area that can be used.

Step 9: The required switch should be moved to.

If you don't want people to skip this question, you can use this switch.

Step 10: To create the next question, click +.

There is an icon bar on the right side of the form.You can add another question the same way you did the first.You don't need to ask the same question.Checkboxes, Dropdown.You can mix it up.You can add as many questions as you want.Other ways to improve your form will be described in the next section.

Step 11: You can break your form into sections by using the Section icon.

There is a vertical icon bar on the right side of the form.This can be helpful for longer forms.

Step 12: You can add text between questions by clicking the Text icon.

The upper and lower-case Ts are in the icon bar.You can use this to add section titles, words of encouragement, or anything you want.

Step 13: To add an image, click on the picture icon.

You can use this option to add logos or other images to the form.Select to add it after you find the image.Click to add an image from your computer.You can paste a URL into an online image.You can choose one from one of those locations.

Step 14: Click the icon to add a video.

There is a triangle on the icon bar.This opens a search window.Click to add a video or paste a URL when you search for it.

Step 15: Click the SEND button.

The form is at the top-right corner.

Step 16: A sharing method can be selected.

Click the envelope to send it.Enter the email address of the desired recipients into the "To" field and type the subject and message.You can paste a URL from the link icon.To add a form to a website, click on the button.You can share a social media icon with your friends.