How To Create a Graphic Novel As a Kid

Don't worry, if you want to write a graphic novel, you can!It is a lot simpler than you might think.

Step 1: You can find a writer.

If there is no one to write the story in the first place, then you can't turn it into a graphic novel.If you want to write the plot yourself, go for it.You could ask a friend or family member to write it for you.

Step 2: You can find an illustrator.

Someone will need to illustrate a graphic novel.Again, if you want to do this yourself, feel free to, but you may need a friend or family member to draw for you.

Step 3: Make characters.

The first thing you have to do is make a list of characters.The characters' names, appearances and personality are important.

Step 4: Brainstorming ideas.

Key parts of the plot, for example the beginning, middle, and end, need to be written down after you have all the information for the characters.It will be easier to put it into a graphic novel later.

Step 5: Write something.

The full plot needs to be written before it can be turned into a graphic novel.If you have stage directions and you can clearly see who is saying what, writing it as a script may be easier.

Step 6: The layout needs to be made.

It's fun to make your own graphic novel.You can either buy a blank graphic novel with panels already set out, or you can make your own by filling in the panels yourself.

Step 7: The front cover should be made.

You will need to draw a front cover once you have an empty book.Make sure the title of the graphic novel is bold and colorful and that the picture shows the main characters doing something that relates to the book.The names of everyone who helped make the graphic novel should be included.

Step 8: A blurb is a description of something.

You will need to write a blurb before drawing and writing in the book.A blurb on the back of a book tells people about the book without giving away too much.It should be short and simple, but it should also tell you what you're reading.

Step 9: The panels should be drawn.

The panels are the final part of your graphic novel.Each one needs to be drawn and colored with as much detail as possible.The pictures should be in chronological order.People can see what is happening if you draw a panel for each action.Speech bubbles and sound effects should be included to show what is happening in the story.

Step 10: Show your friends and family a graphic novel.

You should show the novel to people once you're done making it.You could take it to school to show your classmates and teachers, and also to the houses of family members so they can read it.

Step 11: You can sell your book at school.

You can sell copies of your graphic novel at school if you have permission from your parents.A good price is about one pound for each copy.

Step 12: You can sell your graphic novel online.

If you want to make your graphic novel more well-known, you could ask your parents if you can sell it online.If you are doing this, you need to get your parents or a friend to check the book for spelling and grammar errors to make it more suitable for sale to the public.You could get into trouble if you do this without permission.

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