How to create a new account if my account is banned?

I'm looking for a way to start a new account that could never be traced back to old banned accounts.

I need a new phone number.Does tinder know the phone number of the banned account?Is it necessary to use a different phone?Is it possible to change the device ID on the same phone?How can I change the device ID of my phone?Changing the device ID is enough.

Can I use the new account on the main phone with the old account I was previously banned from, if I need a new phone?I'll use the new account on the old phone to install tinder and then switch back to using my old account.The old phone with old sim card will probably have the same 4g network so would that pose any risk of association with an old account?

What other things do I need to take into account?Can I still use the old pictures I used for banned accounts if I have to shoot new pictures?

I need to know all the details of the new account so that I can use it for many years to come.Please tell me all the reasons that can lead to a ban and how to avoid them.

I don't need a new phone or device.What do you mean by that?Is it a reason for ban to Liking everyone?I think it's easier for men to choose among the matches later, as I don't like spending time on whether to swiped right or left.

I wouldn't consider another account as a decision.It is easy to do, so it is up to you.I was shadowbanned too, so the only thing I will leave the same is my account on the internet.

Thank you, what is the 6th optional one?Do you think it's a good idea to keep the old account or switch to a new account?Can I use the same phone?