How To Do a Disappearing Card Trick

One of the best disappearing card tricks that will impress your friends is shown in this "How To" article.

Step 1: Pick a card that you want to make disappear.

For instance, the.Place it in your wallet.

Step 2: Put a duplicate card on the bottom of the deck.

Step 3: There is a piece of sellotape/scotch tape that you need to place.

Put it on the top of the deck and it will act as double sided sticky tape.

Step 4: Make sure that the sellotape on the top of the deck is out of sight for the whole trick by asking a spectator to pick 5 cards from the middle.

Step 5: You will add another card to the 5 previous cards if you do that.

Step 6: Align the 6 cards into 2 rows and keep an eye on the bottom card.

Step 7: If the audience picks the row with the ace of spade, discard the other row.

Step 8: If one of the two cards is the ace of spades, then ask the audience to pick another card, and then give it to them.

They should discard the other card if they don't pick the ace of spades.

Step 9: If they don't choose a pair with the ace of spades, discard the two that were left for the audience.

Step 10: When you place the forced card on top of the deck, you only see one card giving the illusion that the card has vanished.

Step 11: You could ask the audience to shuffle the cards.

The card should remain stuck to the back of another card.

Step 12: You say that this trick never fails, that their card will be the next card, turn it over, and surprisingly it's not theirs.

To make it seem as though the trick has failed, keep doing it as many times as you want.

Step 13: You pull out the duplicate ace of spades from wherever you put it before.

Your wallet.