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Medicine balls have been around for a long time, but have recently been popularized by the functional fitness movement.

They are versatile and can be used to train cardiovascular endurance and strength.

I cover the 4 types of med balls, recommend the best exercises with them, and offer some workout routines that showcase each type.

The medicine ball is easy to work with because it has a uniform 14” diameter that is just right for wall ball tossing.The surface has a good texture and grip.

The medicine balls are double-stitched and won't fall apart like cheap brands do.If you like medicine balls, you should pick one up from Rogue.

The best medicine balls for CrossFit are made by Rogue, they are double stitched and well balanced.

The Title Boxing med ball is made from synthetic leather.It has a firm center and softer outer layer that holds its shape and is soft enough to catch at high speeds.

The med ball is easy to grip and slip resistant so you will enjoy throwing it around.

Each ball undergoes a quality control test in the balance tunnel to make sure it rolls straight and is not unbalanced.

They weigh each ball before closing it.I like the attention to detail.

One of the best medicine balls for wall balls is this one.

The soft wall ball is made from faux leather and is easy to grip, which is important if you plan to catch it as it hits the wall and comes back at you.

A very high-quality wall ball that will last if used properly and one of the best medicine balls for home gym because it is so affordable.

There is a review of the Dynamax medicine balls.There is a brand medicine ball in a box or gym.The ball is made in the USA.

The well-padded exterior of this ball makes it safe to catch at high speeds.If you want a ball that lasts a long time, and holds up under abuse, get this medicine ball.

If you live in a second-story apartment, a slam ball may not be the best choice for home gym equipment.

You have to approach the ball differently on each pick-up because it will change shape as you slam it on the ground.

If the ball loses air, it can be inflated with a standard ball pump.The way this ball feels, it is satisfying to slam it to the ground, so you feel secure hefting it over your hear.

The Fringe Sport OneFitWonder slam ball is very good.Even if your hands are sweaty, the textured rubber shell will allow you to pick it up.

The OneFitWonder slam balls are larger than other brands and do not lose their shape over time.

The jFit Dead Weight Slam ball comes in a wide range of weights, from 10 to 50 lbs, and has a thick rubber shell that is built to endure a beating.

If you want a slam ball with thick skin, the j/fit hard slamming, abuse and may even tolerate bad words and criticism, too.

The slam ball is made from a thick rubber shell and weights between 10 and 60 lbs.It is a great slam ball for a tight budget.

A reasonably priced slam ball.One of the best medicine balls for hitting at a budget price.

The medicine ball has some bounce.You can bounce it off a wall by yourself or with a partner.

The rubber medicine ball has an excellent grip that will allow you to easily and securely catch it and feel safe throwing it from over your head.

There is a rubber medicine ball that you can put on the floor and hold the two handles for mountain climbers.

It can be used to take the place of a kettlebell, saving you space and money.

The diameter, weight and material of the medicine balls are determined by the exercise they are used for.It makes sense to use a medicine ball for the exercises you plan to perform.

Commercial and home gyms have a variety of weights and styles.Let's take a look at the different styles of medicine balls.

The ball is filled with sand and air.The shell has something to give it.It does not bounce, you can throw it hard against the wall and it won't hit you.

The balls are more stable on the ground and do not roll as easily, so they can be used for lifting or Atlas style.

If a slam ball lands on your face, it's more likely to hurt than a wall ball.A slam ball is more versatile than a wall ball.

It is normal for slam balls to have space or play on the inside, so they slam properly.The ball seems to be only 34 full.This is by design, so don't be alarmed.

Are you looking for a slam ball?I created a list of the best slam balls.

The balls do not bounce.They are usually made with vinyl fabric and some padding on the outside.

They are not as heavy as the slam ball.They are easier to catch after you throw them against the wall.

The traditional style ball is used for exercises.The traditional medicine ball can hit you on the way back, so don't throw it against the wall or slam it into the ground.

The med ball can be used for exercises such as tossing the ball to a partner and trunk twists.The Title Boxing rubber medicine ball is a good example of this style.

The medicine ball needs to be used properly or it can cause injury.

The video shows different types of balls.He explains why 2 lbs balls are needed.

Medicine balls are great for cardiovascular endurance and conditioning and strengthen your core muscles.

Medicine balls are fun to use, and you will look forward to your workouts that include them.

They are easy to use and can be used by beginners and kids.

They are not a serious training tool just because they are simple.Their simplicity means you can focus on the weight and reps and not worry about form or doing it right.

The slam ball, which you slam to the ground with all the force you can muster, is satisfying.If you need to blow off some steam after a rough day, slamming that heavy ball into the ground is a great way to do it.It is a better option than fighting or punching the wall.

If you take a look at any box, you will see both medicine balls and kettlebells at some point.

The two fitness tools have some similarities, but they are not completely interchangeable and one is not necessarily better than the other.

The arms and legs can be worked by both the medicine ball and the kettlebell.

You should include medicine balls and kettlebells in your gym.This guide will give you some ideas on how to build a gym for your home.

The rubber medicine ball has good bounce and can be used for bounce toss and wall balls.

The tornado ball, which is a medicine ball with a rope attached, is designed to be hit against a wall or floor using a motion like chopping wood or swinging an ax or sledgehammer.

A good place to start for the medicine ball workout is the wall ball, a woman can start with anywhere from 8 to 14 lbs, while a man starts with 10, 14 or even 20 lbs.

Most need to scale down the weight at least in the beginning in order to be prescribed the most common standard of weight for women and men.

The medicine ball can be used in a squat position to strengthen the entire body.

Sometimes a weight plate or kettlebell can be used in place of the medicine ball in an exercise that does not involve throwing or bouncing.

A slam ball is a medicine ball.A slam ball has a rubber shell.It is filled with sand and air and has a good texture on the outside so you can easily grip it.

The idea is to build strength and endurance by slamming the ball and then squatting down to pick it up.

The Rogue Echo Slam Balls are very durable and come in many different weights.

A slam ball can be used for the wall ball exercise, but it is not the same as a medicine ball.

The slam ball won't bounce back at you after you throw it.It will fall to the floor and you have to squat down to get it.

That is an easy way to add some leg action into your wall balls, but the exercise will not be as fast passed as with a wall ball style medicine ball.

The video is simple and effective.Mat shows you how to do 100 core exercises with the med ball.

Zeus shows 10 core exercises.If you're pressed for time, this is the core video for you because it's shorter and has no speaking.

The wall ball exercises are done with a softer ball.Includes wall ball toss, chest press, side toss and underhand toss.

Case gives several tips to perform wall balls in the video.There is a great video for beginners.

Anyone can use these Dead ball workouts.The Strongman sensation believes slam balls are one of the best training tools an athlete can use.

This workout is for legs and core.Those who want to lift heavy med balls should watch this video.

Coach Brian shows us a slam ball workout.The text on the screen tells you what to do.

The music is too loud.It is possible to silence the video and still follow along.

Did you get 5 minutes and a slam ball?A trainer is slamming a video.It was literally.For 5 minutes.Give it a try.Let us know what you think after you catch your breath.

If you are an intermediate to advanced athlete, you may want to try a tornado ball workout.Advanced athletes are new to the tornado ball.

The trainer explains how to get started and emphasizes proper form, as well as the pitfalls and potential injury points.An excellent video for people who have not used a tornado ball.

This 30 minute full-body workout will give you a well-rounded workout using a medicine ball with one or two handles.Depending on how heavy your med ball is, the workout is easy.

The bouncing style traditional ball is used in the video.There are three rounds of exercises.

This workout is for moderately athletic people and includes push-ups done with one hand on the ball, squats, lunges, and ample core work.I don't know what a med ball workout would look like without a lot of abdominal work.

Medicine ball workouts can be done in your home gym.If you want to see more workouts you can do from home, this list is for you.

If you are looking for a medicine ball for your home gym to save on space, why not also look at a space-saving all in one gym?There is a list of the best.

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