How To Dress Up Jeans

While jeans are traditionally considered casual wear, the right pair can easily be dressed up for your next Casual Friday, romantic date or night out with friends.You can create a dressy look if you start with the right jeans, top, shoes and accessories.

Step 1: Make sure your jeans fit.

Choose jeans that flatter your figure and fit your body.Don't wear jeans that are too snug in the hips and thighs.You should avoid jeans that are loose and baggy for a dressy look.

Step 2: Choose jeans that fit well in the waist.

If you sit down, make sure your jeans rise high enough in the waist.Low-rise jeans look more youthful and casual than other styles, so choose a medium or high rise for a dressier appearance.

Step 3: Don't wear jeans with holes or stains.

Distressed jeans give off a casual vibe.If you're trying to dress up, make sure your jeans are free from stains and don't have holes.

Step 4: If you have dark jeans, choose them over lighter colors.

Light to medium wash jeans can still be dressed up, but darker shades of denim look better and are more formal than lighter shades.The most appropriate jeans for casual business occasions are dark wash jeans.Black jeans and dark gray jeans are also available.

Step 5: If you want to be versatile, go with a boot-cut or straight cut.

Under some circumstances, a skinny jean may work, but they can look more rock-star than dressy.Straight-leg jeans that are boot-cut will work for almost anything from a fun night out with friends to a casual meeting with a new client.

Step 6: A colored jean is a bold, stylish look.

It's easy to dress up with black or white denim.If you want to create a dressy look, you could pair a bright-colored denim with a blouse in a coordinating color or pattern.

Step 7: For a crisp look, wear a button down shirt.

When you put a long-sleeve button-down shirt into a pair of jeans, it looks crisp, clean, and business-like.Pair a shirt in a plain color or one with vertical pinstripes with a pair of dark jeans for a casual look.Try wearing a white, long-sleeved button down tucked into a pair of boot cut jeans in a dark wash.

Step 8: A silk or lace blouse is an elegant look.

Any outfit looks dressier with feminine fabrics.The casual nature of your jeans will likely be counteracted by your top's sophistication.If you want to dress up a pair of jeans in a medium wash, a flowy silk blouse and pumps is a good option.

Step 9: On a cool day, wear a sweater and jeans.

Stick with stylish cuts and don't wear bulky sweaters.Look for sweaters with interesting necklines, such as a boat neck, v-neck, or crew neck.If you want to dress up a pair of jeans, wear a sweater over a shirt.Pick a collared shirt in a bright hue to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Step 10: If you like to be the center of attention, choose a bold print.

Striking geometric prints, wide stripes, and bold florals are great prints to pair with dark jeans to dress them up.Keep your shoes and accessories simple if you choose a daring print.To keep your top from taking over your outfit, layer it under a jacket.You could wear a shirt with large horizontal stripes under a blazer.When wearing a pair of jeans in a relaxed fit, you'll have a look that's cool and casual while still being appropriate for most settings.

Step 11: For a more subtle look, choose a delicate print.

If you want to blend in rather than stand out, you should look for a top with a small floral pattern, pinstripes, or Swiss dots.A button-down shirt with pinstripes, dark-wash denim, and a pair of loafers will have you ready for Casual Friday.

Step 12: For a night out, pair a top with jeans.

Under bright lights sequins and metallics can really dazzle, but jeans will keep you from looking tired.This is a great look for a date.There is a classy way to get the sparkle you love.For a night-time look, pair it with your favorite heels or flats.

Step 13: A dress over jeans is a feminine look.

Throw over a pair of skinny jeans with a playful, flowing spring or summer sundress.Look toward knee-length dresses.Stick with dresses that are more casual in nature, rather than formal dresses.A knee-length, empire-waist dress in a bold color is cute when worn over a pair of slim-fitting trousers.Pair with platform pumps.

Step 14: You can show off accessories by choosing a plain, fitted t-shirt or tank top.

A plain shirt and jeans combination makes a perfect blank canvas for tailored jackets, shoes, and rich accessories.Pick neutral colors like white, black, and brown if you want to be versatile.If you have an accessory like a necklace or a belt buckle that you want to show off, wear an open jacket and tuck a plain T-shirt into your jeans.

Step 15: A blazer over your top will make you look professional.

A simple shirt and jeans can be dressed up with a classic blazer.Black, navy, or deep gray are traditional colors for a fitted blazer.A bright blazer in a bright color will add a little flair to your look.Any pair of jeans look great with a white shirt, blazer, and shoes.Adding a statement necklace or stack of eye-catching bracelets will make the look more feminine.

Step 16: For a high- fashion look, wear a jacket with a strong shoulder.

Structured shoulders make a fashion statement, so look for a jacket with interesting shoulder details.A look like this benefits from being dressed down.A leather jacket with strong shoulders looks great worn with jeans, ankle boots, and a simple tee or tank.

Step 17: If you want to emphasize your waist, try a belted jacket.

Even the simplest of shirt/jean combinations can be dressed up with a belted jacket.For a no-nonsense look, wear a pair of straight-leg jeans in a dark color with a belted trench coat and practical shoes.

Step 18: For a feminine look, wear a fitted cardigan sweater.

A fitted cardigan in cream or white is what you need to play up your femininity.To make your jeans look dressier, look for a cardigan with feminine details, like faux pearl buttons.It's a good idea to wear your cardigan over a pretty top.A strand of pearls, boot-cut jeans, and Mary Janes complete the look.

Step 19: A quick way to dress up jeans is by wearing your favorite heels.

One of the fastest ways to make denim look dressier is to add a pair of heels.kitten heels can work as well as shiretto heels.For a classic look, go for black or another neutral, while a bright shoe can add a bold touch.A pair of low heels can be used to dress up a simple T-shirt and boot-cut jeans combination.

Step 20: For simple elegance, wear a pair of flats.

A pair of flats is a classic way to look pulled together.Ballet flats or boat shoes can be used for a feminine look.A pair of flats can be embellished with bows or gems.A crew-necked sweater with jeans and a pair of boat shoes is a classic look.

Step 21: To make your outfit pop, choose a bold shoe.

If you have dark jeans and a dressy top in a neutral color, consider a bright shoe like a red pump or a crocodile skin flat to add a chic twist to your outfit.You can show off your cool street style with a pair of bright-colored shoes and jeans, and a tucked-in Oxford shirt.

Step 22: Try a high fashion boot.

ankle-length boots have become especially popular in recent years, and have a naturally sophisticated look.From the classic boot-cut to the more modern skinny leg, ankle-length boots work well.For the perfect fall look, wear a pair of ankle boots with a low heel under a boot-cut jeans and a t-shirt that has a scarf.

Step 23: You can dress up snug skinny jeans with a knee-high fashion boot.

If you pair a dark jean and a nice blouse with knee-high boots, they can make an outfit look city chic.Zip the boot up over your jean if you pair these boots with a snug skinny jean.The purpose of having a boot with such a tall height is lost if you wear these boots beneath your jeans.For winter style, wear knee-high riding boots with skinny jeans and a long sweater.

Step 24: A pair of conservative shoes is needed for the office.

Don't get too casual with your shoes on casual Fridays.To add structure and professionalism to your jeans, stick with high quality leather shoes.An Oxford shirt with dark-wash, straight-leg jeans and a pair of leather loafers is the perfect blend between laid-back and dressy for an informal work meeting or a dinner with friends.

Step 25: Adding shoe clips to your look is a good idea.

These look like barrettes for shoes, and they provide a quick, easy way of dressing up a pair of flats.Try wearing a plain black shirt and a pair of slim-leg jeans to show off your shoes.

Step 26: To dress up a plain top, throw on a fashion scarf.

A bright scarf in a bright color dresses up your jeans for a number of occasions.If you want to dress up your jeans for the weekend, you can either wear a button-down shirt or a fitted t-shirt.

Step 27: A belt adds structure to your outfit.

A nice belt can be a great addition to your ensemble.Don't be afraid of an eye-catching belt buckle, but look for a nice leather belt.It's a good idea to wear your shirt for extra polish.

Step 28: To create a conservative look, use pearls.

Pearls are the epitome of sophistication.A strand of pearls around your neck can make your jeans look dressy.

Step 29: Throw a colorful bag over your shoulder for a fun look.

This style element can be used to transform your outfit into a semi-dressy ensemble for a night out with friends.It's possible that it won't work for the office or a more demanding occasion.

Step 30: You can carry a leather bag for a masculine look.

You look like you're going somewhere important if you carry a leather bag.Quality hardware and seams are important to make sure the bag lasts.Adding a rich camel leather bag to your tucked-in Oxford and dark boot-cut jeans will make your business casual look even more pulled-together.

Step 31: For dressier occasions, choose a smaller purse.

For a romantic date or an evening function, consider a clutch or other small purse that hangs off a delicate strap.Smaller purses look a little better in neutral colors like black or brown.

Step 32: If you wear makeup, dress up your appearance.

If you want a classic look, focus on one feature and play it up.Keep the rest of your look simple by wearing a bold shade of lipstick or giving yourself smoky eyes.

Step 33: For a night out, try a colorful necklace or bangle bracelets.

A colorful piece of jewelry may help transform your outfit for a night out with friends.

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